Politics does not dictate our collective cultural mindset as much as it simply reflects it; We've got to look in the mirror sometimes, and we've got one.

Bryan Grayson8 months ago
An America Divided
In 1789, A small group of colonies just won their independence from a monarchy across the Pacific Ocean. Now they were faced with a dilemma; How should the government be running and who should be in c...
Robert Wells8 months ago
American Architectural Psychology
Architectural and urban designs are often reflections of the cultures that built them. In the US, a legacy of racism runs through our highways and cities.
Heeta Joshi8 months ago
Utilitarian Standpoint: Issues Where I Stand Neutral
Hey Guys, Today I want to talk about neutrality, and the top ten social issues that I stand neutral on. I wrote something similar where I listed top ten things which people are irrationally sensitive ...
Lucas Jackson8 months ago
Playing Football?
In recent years, especially since the election of Jeremy Corbyn first in 2015 after Labour's disastrous defeat in the general election and then again in September 2016 after a coup—this time with a la...
Andy Reed8 months ago
The Serpents That Shape the World
On the evening of September 26, 1960, the unknown senator from Massachusetts John F. Kennedy faced off against incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon, in what was the United States’ first televised de...
Thomas Sebacher8 months ago
What Is "The Left"
"The Left." We hear it constantly from conservative pundits and editorialists, most often trying to get rise from the democratic party. I find that nobody on the right actually knows that that means. ...
Tim Bryce9 months ago
Why Are the Democrats Turning to Socialism?
BRYCE ON POLITICS - Most people do not understand the differences between Capitalism and Socialism. Click for AUDIO VERSION. To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. Th...
Stephen Walden9 months ago
'The Purge' Already Happened in the 2016 Presidential Election
October 9, 2016. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The second presidential debate is kicking off with a question to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A woman asks about the negati...
Lauren Skopkowski9 months ago
Best Vintage Cold War Political Cartoons
Studying Cold War political cartoons allows one to see how America sees itself in the ways in which it identifies its own mirror double in the Soviet Union. In US criticism of the USSR, we discover Am...
Thomas Sebacher9 months ago
Compromise. We have compromised for too long, there is a single option that we acknowledge as possible and feasible, and that it must happen as decent, principled millennials. We need a revolution, wh...
Dillon Staples9 months ago
Dying Democracy: The Collapse of Compromise
If one were to ask anyone that predates the millenials about the current political atmosphere, responses tend to be of similar nature. Despite political affiliation, everyone seems to have a strong di...
Tim Bryce9 months ago
Are the Democrats Winning?
BRYCE ON POLITICS - Even with their visceral and intolerant behavior? Click for AUDIO VERSION. Democrats claim the "Blue Tide" is rising as we approach the 2018 midterm elections. As evidence, they po...
Dominic Langer9 months ago
Refugee Crisis Comes Back to Haunt Europe
Dominic Langer The Refugee Crisis that first hit Europe in summer 2015 may be three years ago, but its consequences still shape Europe's politics today. In the last few weeks, an increasingly challeng...
LaKeisha Harrison9 months ago
Who Controls the Narrative? (Pt. 1)
Part 1: Who influences public policy narratives?
Jake Haydn9 months ago
The Problem With 'The Left'
Take your most stereotypical extreme "Lefty." Anti-Establishment, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-War, Anti-Racism, Anti-this & Anti-that. Do you see the problem? Negativity so deeply entrenched in their core i...
Dr. Williams9 months ago
Human Rights?
Today, our Republicans in congress and the Trump Administration are quite apt in forging a complete antithesis to the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. For that matter, in no other time in ...
Thomas Sebacher9 months ago
In academic and popular discussion, there is a great misunderstanding of how fascism functions and how it forms. Here I will discuss the precepts and the formation of fascist societies and governments...
Brian Dollard9 months ago
President Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Two Norwegian lawmakers have nominated United States President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination comes on the heels of President Trump’s role in the summit in Singapore with North...