Politics does not dictate our collective cultural mindset as much as it simply reflects it; We've got to look in the mirror sometimes, and we've got one.

Jean Luc Lafitte4 months ago
Political Manipulation
All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again. One of the good things about social media, is that politics, which was once confined as a whole to the country that you l...
Dr. Williams4 months ago
No Country for Poor People
In a world of undeniable hostility, where at any moment a terror so horrendous could spark a global catastrophe, millions the world over continue to languish hopelessly in desperation. A desperation o...
Tim Bryce5 months ago
A New Contract with America
BRYCE ON POLITICS How the Republicans can take back the House. Click for AUDIO VERSION. The Republicans have a problem. They botched control and lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats. Thi...
Jack Wilkinson5 months ago
Brexit: Article 50 Petition Calling for Brexit to Be Cancelled Reaches 6 Million Signatures Ahead of Parliament Debate
As the UK Government and Parliament try to figure out how to continue the Brexit process (the process of the UK leaving the European Union), the public has come out in waves to call on the UK Governme...
Chloe Baker5 months ago
When Democracy Is the Song We Sing (But Only When We’re Winning)
We hear a lot of discussion about “Democracy” but the definition can be as polarised as the referendum result itself. To a section of leave voters, democracy is a one time statement of intent, in this...
Patrick Hollis5 months ago
Is It Time to Look Away from the Mainstream?
British politics is in the midst of a total upheaval. The Conservatives are moving closer to ousting out their leader and Labour are lacking the cutting edge of a party in opposition. With the Brexit ...
Dr. Williams5 months ago
Is This The Best We Can Do?
Are America's best days behind us? Many people might actually agree with that statement. Then again there are those who have a more optimistic appraisal. But, one can not help ponder how we managed as...
Tim Bryce5 months ago
Democracy Versus Republic
BRYCE ON POLITICS Do you know the difference? Click for AUDIO VERSION. One of my pet peeves involving politics is when people misstate our form of government. Normally, I would claim this as the fault...
Hunter Jacks5 months ago
Second Brexit Referendum
Brexit is the name given to the UK decision to leave the European Union. The EU is is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. It has an area of 4,475,7...
Patrick Hollis6 months ago
Labour Shows Support for Second Referendum—but at What Cost?
This week the Labour Party officially announced that the party would, as a collective, seek out and support efforts for a second Brexit referendum, fulfilling their expectations of being the party to ...
Tim Bryce6 months ago
The Trump Cultural Revolution
Bryce on Politics: Click for audio version. When I hear the vicious political discourse and boisterous hyperbole of today, it suggests to me the country is embroiled in a cultural revolution the likes...
Patrick Hollis6 months ago
The Independent Group: How It Splits the Left
This week has seen a handful of UK Members of Parliament leaving the independent centralist group. Eight MPs have parted ways with their parties in what can be described as a protest, the way in which...
Thomas Brandes6 months ago
A Quick Q&A
Tim Bryce6 months ago
Time for a National Debate on Socialism
BRYCE ON POLITICS Thanks to Rep. Alexandria Ortega-Cortez. Click for AUDIO VERSION. At the February 5, 2019 State of the Union address, President Trump threw down the gauntlet to Democrats by declarin...
Peter Rose6 months ago
Why Are Britain and Europe in Such a Mess?
Why are Britain and Europe in such a political and economic mess? What the rest of the world should learn. Margaret Thatcher was the last British Prime Minister who had both conviction and a large maj...
Ossiana Tepfenhart6 months ago
10 Reasons Why the Republican Party Is Dying
Back in 2016, I told people that the Republican party is dying—and warned them that they would act like a viper flailing for its last bite against a mongoose. Snakes, like any other animal, will becom...
Michael Blair6 months ago
EU In or UK Out?
On the 29th of March 2019, the UK will leave the EU. Now, this is very easy to say, but it's being made almost impossible to implemented by a wide range of people and political groups who have a veste...
Patrick Hollis7 months ago
Green Party: A Near Future Alternative
The ongoing stalemate in the Houses of Parliament would have left some UK voters questioning the loyalty to any of the three established parties. With Conservatives and Labour attempting to undermine ...