The bills that Congress reject are as informative as the ones it does. Reviews of all the legislation that meet their fate in government halls.

Peter Rose2 years ago
Campaign to Bring Justice Back to the Law
Campaign to put justice back as the center of legal systems. Laws were originally written down because the king of that time — who was absolute ruler — wanted all the people under his rule to get the ...
Kathy Craig2 years ago
Allen Andrade's Horrific Hate Crime
Angie Zapata, an 18-year-old transgender woman, met Allen Andrade, a 31-year-old unemployed man, on an Internet dating site and invited him into her home in Greeley, Colorado on July 15, 2008. Angie b...
Kevin McClintock2 years ago
They Have You in Their Sights
Targets used to be something to aim at (see illustration). Nowadays they are (a) a means of control and (b) a sure fire way of screwing up the systems they are meant to regulate. Nominally introduced ...
Erik Middlewood2 years ago
What We Must Do to Drain the Swamp in DC!
OUR REVOLUTION image is credited to Bernie Sanders and his organization as the copyright owners.
Mickey Finn2 years ago
Land of the "Free"
Baltimore Police are being accused of planting evidence on a suspect who was incarcerated for several months on drug charges. Whether the Department released the footage, or it was revealed against th...
M A2 years ago
Are Europhiles Right to Criticize Polish Judicial Reform as Undemocratic?
Some MEPs, European officials, and pro-European protesters are execrating the most recent Polish judicial reform initiative. The proposed bill, among other things, gives Polish MPs the power to appoin...
Mickey Finn2 years ago
Okay, so I will be the guy who asks the common-sense question about wealth and taxes: If they “hurt the rich” the way that the Occupy Movement says they would, why are all of these wealthy people supp...
Recently, while reading George W. Bush's memoir Decision Points, I began to wonder about my own contributions to my community and society as a whole. I realized I helped to better my community in minu...
Jim Gilliam2 years ago
Hart and International Law
"Hart never said international law was not law because it did not have secondary rules (and was thus unlike state law). Instead, he pointed to the limits of understanding international law on an analogy with state law."
Jim Gilliam2 years ago
Institutional Balance vs. Separation of Powers
Is the central concern of the European Union ‘institutional balance’ between the different organs, rather than separation of powers?
Jenna Logan2 years ago
The Battle for Freedom of Religion
The battle over religious rights is escalating to new heights. It seems everywhere we look, some Atheist group is trying to force a Christian organization to stop an assembly outside of the church or ...
Jessica Smith2 years ago
The Real United States of America
The land of the free, home of the brave. Land of equality and freedom. That's us, right? Well, that's what our ancestors tried to build for us. Until we ruined it. How many vets are homeless and starv...
Jesse Booker2 years ago
America Left Behind: The Rights of a Child
In my last article, "Religious Privilege: Child Marriage," I briefly mentioned the existence of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC), and how the US is the only country in the UN that has ...
Jenna Logan2 years ago
The Wedding Cake Debacle
Let me start right off with this disclaimer: I am a Born Again Christian. It took me until I was 31 to find my life in Jesus, and though I am not currently in a church, I read my Bible every night, an...
Katy Preen2 years ago
Westminster's DUP Deal Could Bring Equalities Reform
Finally, we actually have a government in Westminster. Sure, it’s not the greatest option, but the Conservative-DUP amalgam is the best we could hope for in the present circumstances. It’s been someth...
Isit Wrelevent2 years ago
Birth to Death
Every since the Scottish referendum in 2014, the SNP has been running amok with legislation. There are those in Scotland asking for the SNP to get on with the day job, without understanding that while...
Jesse Booker2 years ago
Religious Privilege: Child Marriage
In December of 2010, the US Congress held a vote on S987, which would grant support to young girls in other countries, who were trying to escape forced, child marriages. This bill needed a 2/3 majorit...
Sharon G2 years ago
Ministerial Discretion: Are We Going Too Far Again?
The past few years have depicted a very worrying pattern of behavior from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Both direct and indirect consequences of recent changes introduced by the...