The bills that Congress reject are as informative as the ones it does. Reviews of all the legislation that meet their fate in government halls.

Emma Bragginton3 days ago
Hate Crime—Is Misandry a Thing?
Misandry to Be Considered as a Hate Crime in Law Commission Review
Peter Rosea month ago
Is Socialism the Way Forward?
Is socialism the way forward? Will a socialist government really make life better for the majority? I see so many posts on Facebook, from intelligent serious and well intentioned people, that claim Mr...
Patricia Sarkara month ago
California Court Ruling Puts iGaming Legislation Hopes on Ice
California’s court of appeal ruled against a Native American tribe operating online bingo games to Californian residents. The latest rejection brings into question the prospect of California ever havi...
Rose Mcgowena month ago
DeVos and Title IX
In recent weeks the discussion of Title IX reform was made public and we had a glimpse of the change to Title IX. Many of the reforms that were put in place by Former Vice-President Joe Biden were put...
Healthcare and Democracy
I’m an independent for one, so I’m playing both sides. But at the same time, I have to say that Republican’s attempt to hijack the Affordable Care Act will not succeed. The Supreme Court ruling upheld...
The Mess That Is Health Care
With the ongoing health care fiasco in the United States, we all have to take seriously where we are going with this. Any one politician can’t make everybody happy. New federal rules allow insurers to...
Brian 2 months ago
Legalization of Drugs in Canada
Legalization of marijuana is upon us in Canada. The government has looked into this for years and are trying to safeguard Canadians the best they can of any potential issues like driving impairment an...
Victor Trammell2 months ago
Was a Summary Judgement by a Federal Court Granted in Favor of a Kansas-Based Employer That Allegedly Violated Civil Rights?
In May of 2018, the 10th Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals affirmed the Kansas Federal District Court’s decision to dismiss a Kansas man's lawsuit under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act o...
Patricia Sarkar3 months ago
A History of Gambling in the USA
Gambling in the United States has enjoyed a rich and varied history and it’s one that continues to evolve. In May 2018, the US Supreme Court overturned the PASPA ruling that deemed sports betting to b...
Yannick Taylor3 months ago
Gay and Transgender Panic Defense
In the last decade, there has been a defense mechanism used by people who have committed crimes against trans and queer people. It is known as the "Gay and Trans Panic Defense." The Gay and Trans Pani...
Shannon Humphrey3 months ago
Arrested for Stepping on Dry Sand
On July 1, 2018, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, signed into law H.B. 631, a bill sponsored by a Ft. Lauderdale born democrat named Edwards-Walpole. This bill gave beach property owners the right...
Katie Greiser4 months ago
The War on Gun Control
When we hear war, we think about who we’re fighting with overseas, but what do we do when the people we’re firing at are our own citizens?
Rich Monetti4 months ago
Indian Point Evacuation Plan: Put Your Head Between Your Knees And....
If Indian Point happens to spring a leak, the signal will sound, everyone can check the wind and just drive in the opposite direction. As ridiculous as we all know that sounds, the direction of the pl...
Leona Freebush4 months ago
Why Cycle Races Should Be Illegal on Public Roads in the UK
Here's some interesting information to learn before we get into this heated topic that we think is extremely relevant. First of all, let's look at speeds. This will all become relevant, so bear with u...
Dr. Williams5 months ago
The Torch Has Been Passed
In all through those years since the late 1960s, the United States has evolved into a nation that ceased to learn from the lessons of the past as to what made America such a the great nation. This was...
Emily Tarff5 months ago
Marriage Should Be About Love, Not Gender
An issue that has been very popular recently is marriage equality, same sex marriage, or gay marriage. Whatever you call it, it’s basically a push to change the law so that two consenting adults can b...
Iria Vasquez-Paez6 months ago
Universal Healthcare Now!
Republicans want to do away with gains made in the last decade with the Obama administration. The Republican plan is to do away with cutting the number of uninsured people in the US. Obamacare leaves ...
Dr. Williams7 months ago
By Unintelligent Design
One has to wonder ever since the 1990s how the United States plummeted from being the stalwart nation of the world to now a mere shadow of its former self. Some believe we have only ourselves to blame...