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Jo Pietersena day ago
The Good News
As a sort of ode to last year's me, I wanted to start a blog this year called the Good News. It's sole purpose is to basically steal the spotlight from the typical miserable news stories, making it at...
Brian a day ago
Canadian Racism that Is Largely Ignored
So it's often heard that Canada and the USA have two different mentalities when it comes to immigration. This is a little bit of a hot topic in the USA right now. It's made me think of the different i...
Chris Hearn9 days ago
Je Suis Charlie... Still!
It's hard to believe that four years have passed since the brutal attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, France. If you recall, on January 7, 2015, Islamic terrorists entered the offices of the ...
Nimra hussain15 days ago
Sara's Untold Story
Immigrants to the United States of America
Jo' Ash19 days ago
Warning: This Post Is Problematic
2018 was the year that I heard the word "problematic" more times than I ever had before in my whole entire life. It was a good year for the word "offensive" too. They become catch all terms to describ...
Mardoll Gatsby23 days ago
Extremism Thrives on Rejection and the Fear of Being Forgotten
When I think about what anchored me down to my former beliefs, I realized that it wasn't only because I was a broken, vulnerable person running on learned behavior, it was because I wanted to be a par...
Dielle Ciescoa month ago
Meme-Busting: It's Half the Story
This morning, while purusing one of my favorite Facebook groups, I encountered one of those very political posts that sparks heated debate. It was started by one of the members concerning the Gilet Ja...
Ash Welsha month ago
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
The average American listens to four hours of music per day (Stutz). Assuming the average American gets eight hours of sleep per night, they spend 25 percent of the time they are awake listening to mu...
Rae'Lee Kleina month ago
What Are We Doing Wrong?
We the People—Three simple words that define one of the world's strongest countries. We the People, are the forgotten "4th" branch of government, and hold the power to make our young country succeed o...
Bailey Welkia month ago
God Bless America, Right?
The world I live in is scary. The country I live in is dehumanizing. This society, as a whole, is fucked up. We’ve become so uncivilized, detached from basic core values, overly sensitive in meaningle...
Jacob Browna month ago
The Yellow Vests
Over the course of the last few days, a movement has sprung up in Paris, France. After the French president, President Macron, introduced the first carbon tax to the world, the people recognized it fo...
Madison Grose2 months ago
Seeking Asylum Is Not a Crime
If you’ve heard about the migrant caravan, you might picture it being a big, scary, gang of criminals who are trying to violently storm the border and invade the United States. If you believe Donald T...
Clark Ramos2 months ago
Black Friday Can Suck a Big One
Let me begin by saying I love a discount; I do. Paying full price for something when I could be saving money is amazing. That being said, we end up paying a different price when it comes to Black Frid...
Xander Alexander2 months ago
Pride and Privilege
The one thing in our “children,” starting with the millennials, that has been instilled, is a since of pride. Pride in the soil on which they stood, whether it was American soil, Mexican soil or Canad...
Madison Grose2 months ago
Why Can't We Say the N-Word?
White people really seem to be struggling with the concept that some things just aren't meant for us. We want to put our hair in cornrows, we want to paint our faces black for our Kanye West Halloween...
Casey Cowans2 months ago
Who Said You Could Do That?
Everyone has a different perspective of dance. Some see it as an art form used for celebrations and competitions; for others, it's an escape from the reality of their problems, a way for them to expre...
Michael Thielmann2 months ago
The NPC Meme
There are some cultural morays that are just so captivating that I can't seem to resist the urge to throw my two cents into the mix. The NPC meme was basically started by right-leaning people who want...
Nikita Bryant2 months ago
Digging for Our Moral Compass
With the overpowering flood of existential questions inhabiting the brains of many intelligent humans. Shall we not, to allow progress, simplify everything. Let’s exclude reproduction and survival and...