Past politicians, legislation and political movements have changed the course of history in ways both big and small. Welcome to our blast to the past.

Selena Huerta3 days ago
Throughout the journey from Africa to Montserrat, Equiano possessed a strong conscience, curiosity, dedication, and overall, high morals. Even though he was separated from his sister in the process, h...
T.P Schofield9 days ago
Winston Churchill - The Fraud
Winston Churchill’s demigod-like status is unrivaled in the field of British political history; he was a personification of "Britishness" encompassing the very values that put the "Great" in Great Bri...
Shandi Pace10 days ago
How John F. Kennedy Became a Cultural Icon
Tensions reached new heights due to marches on civil rights, women’s rights, the never-ending war in Vietnam and farmworker conditions. Although the majority of these movements began peacefully, the o...
Ally 18 days ago
Anne Frank
What happened to Anne Frank after she was arrested? “I want to go on living, even after my death” (Anne Frank, House). Anne Frank was a 13-year-old Jewish girl who was one of the many who suffered thr...
Andrew Wilson19 days ago
Hungary Wishes to Preserve Its Culture
Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, and his Fidesz party have recently been re-elected. Fidesz now holds 133 out of the 199 seats in parliament. PM Orban has said, at a recent press conference: "T...
Thabani Milesa month ago
Village Ghetto Land
Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own and I do not intend them to be taken as fact. I do not own any of the images and video used.
Rich Monetti2 months ago
The Origins of the Term Socialized Medicine and How Mad Men Sank Our Chance for National Healthcare in 1948
Back in 2008, the smoke cleared, we wiped our noses, and finally got healthcare reform. Gesundheit!! Well, sort of… With a universal acceptance of a system in dire need of repair, I envisioned congres...
Sarah Eubanks2 months ago
A Glimpse of LGBT History
Gay history is far less known than any other type of history. I could tell you more about the US capitals or photosynthesis than the history of the LGBTQ+ community, the people within it, and the symb...
Rachel 2 months ago
How To Judge Figures Like Christopher Columbus
To what degree do we judge the individuals that founded and/or aided in the development and success of our country? Christopher Columbus has occupied a position of scrutiny in the limelight of contemp...
Ryan McGregor2 months ago
America & the Arms- Ageddon
In current times, we face many different threats to our way of life, as well as how we operate globally. Not only on a physical level either, as with advancements in technology we've become at risk to...
Kimberly Alcorn2 months ago
Please Don’t Forget
I just read an article by the Washington Post that states surveys show two-thirds of Millenials don’t know what the Holocaust is. At first, I was almost in shock and I thought, “That can’t be right......
Anna Flaherty2 months ago
Who Was James Jesus Angleton, and Why Is He So Important to American History?
So, who is he? James J Angleton, known in his time as "Jim," was the chief of CIA Counterintelligence for 21 years. He started what is now a subject of great historical debate by suggesting there was ...
Aneeka Bartlett3 months ago
The doomed race, the Aboriginal problem—just some of the names used to segregate white from black. An apartheid we overlooked, which begs the the question: amalgamation or segregation? Assimilation is...
Iria Vasquez-Paez3 months ago
The Nazi T4 Program
This was a program of mass euthanasia targeted at disabled people of all kinds, just because they had a disability and were viewed as unfit. In modern times, disabled people are paid sub-minimum wage ...
James Howell4 months ago
Confederate Flags, Kneeling, and the USA: Part 2
One of the examples I can give is the Zoot Suit Riots in 1943. In the 1930s the US deported between 500,000 and two million people, including up to 1.2 million legal people of Mexican descent (illegal...
James Howell4 months ago
Confederate Flags, Kneeling, and the USA: Part 1
There seems to be a lot of controversy in the world today. We have protests on both sides, civil unrest, innocent people being murdered, and we don’t have a clue how to stop it. It is, in my opinion, ...
Dr. Williams4 months ago
Throughout history leaders have always tried to put blame on others for their rationale. Whether their ventures were successful or not, the decisions they made affected so many others in ways that see...
Joseph Pecher4 months ago
5 Close Calls to Nuclear War
With the possibility of North Korea constructing and using a nuclear missile against South Korea, Japan, or the United States, perhaps we should look back into history during the days of the Cold War ...