Moving through the ranks of military activity including infrastructure, wars, our commander in chief and the nucleur arms race.

Jack Gardner17 days ago
Imperialism in the Modern Age
In recent years the overt undertaking of wars and attacks to undermine states and expand a nation's power and influence had become all the more obvious. We could argue that the deliberate expansion of...
Mickey Finna month ago
I know, I know. You’re probably picturing some country whack-job in flannel in front of a pile of MRE’s and ammunition. Well, that is a bullshit image that the media paints of Libertarianism the same ...
Matt Nappoa month ago
The Deadliest Tweet
Forget about "the Russian thing" for just a moment. Although the subject matter here is derived from the cloud that revolves around the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, there ...
Natasha Sydor2 months ago
This Fictional Memo to the President from 1989 Predicted Terrorism in the US
Editor's Note from Omni, 1989: On my corner, the drug guys hang out cracking (which in this context means trading insults) until launched to the pay phone by their beeping pagers. Current fashion dict...
Christina St-Jean2 months ago
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Looks to Apologize to Vets Ousted For Being Gay
Once upon a time, it was believed that those who identified as homosexual were security risks. In fact, it was also believed that those people who were homosexual were criminals - a belief that wasn't...
Rich Monetti2 months ago
New Rochelle’s Nick Trotta Comes Home to Honor After Distinguished Career as Secret Service Agent
The mystique of being a Secret Service Agent can almost be encapsulated in the dark glare of the signature sunglasses. On the other hand, the optics definitely serve a function beyond just looking coo...
Dyln Namm2 months ago
The Real Revolution
What is a revolution? This word is used by many throughout the world daily, especially the United States. We hear the words “Political Revolution”, we hear the words “leader of the revolution”, we hea...
Jasmine 2 months ago
Black Republicans?!
Black Republicans are not a major topic in the mainstream media, and the reason for that is simple: to them, we don't exist. Black conservatives are largely kept out of sight and out of mind, and the ...
Guillermo Calvo2 months ago
Delusions Cassandra sits alone in a dark room in Eternity’s basement, it makes little difference, she’s blind and no one ever pays her any mind anyway. No one ever has, no one ever will. Pity. Still, ...
Katy Preen2 months ago
Manchester's Defiance in the Face of Violence
This morning I woke up to the news that there had been a terrorist attack in my home city. It seemed unreal, like it was almost a dream. The last time that I woke up from what I thought was a lucid dr...
Wayne Dupree3 months ago
Netanyahu Has No Time for Fake News from CNN, Al Jazeera!
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on Facebook to rip CNN, Al Jazeera and the Guardian for publishing Hamas fake propaganda! Hamas put out a document saying they would be ok with a Palest...
Patrick Hostis 3 months ago
The World Continues to Drift Towards War
Signs are beginning to point to the possibility that North Korea has lost its only friend. According to, China has issued its final warning to North Korea: “Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs junior minister invited Park Myung-ho, an official of North Korea, for a meeting. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting and asked his junior to read aloud the warning to the North over the nuclear test. "The memorandum mentioned that China will condemn strongly, pull back on a...
Dr. Williams3 months ago
A Dystopian World
There are those who believe judgement day is close at hand. An Apocalyptic event so catastrophic that will thrust mankind either back into the Dark Ages or into the caves of the Neanderthal. With the ...
Patrick Hostis 3 months ago
Looks Like War is Coming
President Trump’s massive naval armada will be on station by the end of the month. This added to the other U.S. military assets already in the region, represents a massive increase in American firepower in the region. This has the added effect of making Russia and China very nervous. The situation is growing tenser by the hour. There is nothing simple about Korea. I could barely find Korea on a map until I was stationed there at 20 years old. In a short amount of time, I fell in love with the sm...
Patrick Hostis 3 months ago
I knew it would happen soon. That roller-coaster feeling. That sinking feeling in your stomach. All these military flights into war zones were the same. Boring as hell, followed by sheer terror (of landing), then walk out into an oven, followed by boring as hell briefings. At this point, we were in boring as hell to terror transition. I started strapping all my gear to the side of the C-130. A Colonel sitting across from me asked me what I was doing. “We are about to do an anti-terror landing Si...
Dr. Williams3 months ago
Winds Of War
Once our earth was filled with green fields that were kissed by the sun. Once there were blue skies filled with white clouds gently floating high above. Once there were valleys where fresh clean water...
Dr. Williams3 months ago
Descent Into Darkness
As time marches on the tempo of life has filled the world with an anxiousness, a foreboding premonition of darker times ahead. Today, the world has morphed into a more violent and troubled place. A pl...
Christina St-Jean3 months ago
Orlando PD Reveals New Details About Pulse Nightclub Tragedy
The June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida was the worst mass shooting in United States history and rocked thousands across the world, whether they identified along the LGBTQ sp...