A prime locale to talk bribery, suspect campaign funding, and all other instances of political corruption. The shadier, the better.

Jesse Guerrero2 years ago
Should Police Wear Body Cameras?
At the current time, where small cameras can be mass manufactured and weeks of video can be stored on Terabyte hard drives, I believe we should start using technology to bring justice to criminals. To...
Beena Patel2 years ago
According to Buck, white privilege was established in the USA. To explain it, she takes us back to the 16th and the 17th century. Before the construction of race that exists today, there were only two...
Grace Evelyn2 years ago
How to See the Bigger Picture of Trump's Role
I know that these days, it is the norm to see post after post showing Donald Trump saying something completely ridiculous or being mocked/hated by someone; however, from the perspective of a non-Ameri...
Peter Rose2 years ago
Can Democracy Be Improved?
Is there a better way to govern than by democracy? We are living in a period where democracy is being undermined and degraded. The principle is government by the people for the people; in practice, it...
Jason Everitt2 years ago
Why I Won't be at Pride this Year
Positive representation or shameless exploitation?
Jeremy Frommer2 years ago
In Propaganda We Trust: America's Terrifying Propaganda Affair
So many of us are products of the American education system, and all remember what it was like to sit in English class, often not having a clue as to the big picture reasons behind why we were reading...
Dr. Williams2 years ago
The Failure Of Leadership
The dystopian condition that much of the world today the plight of humanity continues to languish in desperation praying for better times ahead. And it can't be more evident than right here in the Uni...
Slaving for Savings
It can be fairly difficult to cut through centuries of compounded interest in keeping the almighty dollar as the central focus of our collective consciousness. Imagining a world free of money is not o...
Regina Watson2 years ago
Justice is Color Blind
You know, I sit back emotionally drained as I watch the tolerance level for injustice, racism, police brutality and hate rise to an astounding level. The images of Black men and women laying in pools ...
Alexis Powell2 years ago
Racial Prejudice in America
Racial prejudice is defined as an irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion that typically arises from race-based stereotypes (Nittle). The media has played a major role ...
Johnny Vedmore2 years ago
Dear Theresa... The 7 Demands of the UK People
Your awkward Montgomery Burns-like hunch suggests a lifetime of sadness which has left you looking down into the abyss of dark ethical choices. Your voting record in the UK parliament contradicts the ...
Jack Gardner2 years ago
Imperialism in the Modern Age
In recent years the overt undertaking of wars and attacks to undermine states and expand a nation's power and influence had become all the more obvious. We could argue that the deliberate expansion of...
Lizzy Arrow2 years ago
Dear Theresa
You may have heard of me or you may not have, but I don't have any qualifications of any sort of politics. I do have to say that I know for certain you need to quit whilst you're ahead, because at the...
Jack Gardner2 years ago
The Failure of Capitalism
Capitalism, many say, is responsible for the advancement of the human race into a computerized age; where the poor are fed, the masses see an advancement of opportunities, democracy prevails and indus...
Media Influence in Elections
In elections, voters are swayed by many types of media. The perceptions of each candidate are the product of how the media portrays them. Often animals are used as a tool to earn the trust of the part...
Lizzy Arrow2 years ago
The Camerons Are Way Up Themselves!
Excuse me David Cameron how can it possibly be "SICK" that nurses and doctors want higher wages? You've never known what hard work is in your life. I had huge respect for you and your family when you ...
Donald Morris2 years ago
We Are Living In Scary Times!!
Well, here we are. Well into the new millennium. Y2K didn't destroy us all and the second coming has been canceled due to invalidity. But if there is a good and evil it does not seem to discriminate o...
Guillermo Calvo2 years ago
On Why Democrats are the Greater Problem for Progressives
The virtually identical governance structures within our duopoly, i.e., the Democratic and Republican parties, pose virtually identical civic dangers. The results of their policies are virtually indis...