It seems every time one racially-charged incident ends, a gender or religious controversy takes its place; Ruminate on the issues dividing our nation and world.

Iria Vasquez-Paez8 months ago
The Right to Adequate Healthcare
How many people have inadequate care? I mean, some are tied down to living paycheck-to-paycheck, but nobody wants to talk about that in polite company. Wages in the United States are stagnant right no...
Stephen Green8 months ago
Dear Mr. Kaepernick
Dear Mr. Kaepernick, It has come to my attention that you have signed on with Nike to do an ad campaign for them. Mostly because my Facebook is lit up with dozens of my friends and family freaking out...
Sarah Elizabeth9 months ago
Let's Face the Opioid Epidemic in America Together!!
Even though opiates can relieve pain and improve quality of life temporarily, the opioid epidemic is becoming a widespread problem all over the United States and is still continuing. Opioids are drugs...
SKYLERIZED 9 months ago
Reason First: Worst Ways That Kaepernick Has Shamed America
Nike can do whatever it wants to do within the confines of the law. The multi-billion-dollar corporation has every right to choose what athletes represent its brand. It may be recovering from its #MeT...
Rebecca White9 months ago
Blimps Over London
Both are balloons. Both are used as protest images. Both are funny in their own way. Their reactions, however, couldn't be more different. Both politicians (does Trump count?) have been turned into ba...
Rich Monetti9 months ago
Boys Engaging with Phony Guns and Violent Pretend Play Doesn’t Mean They Will Act It Out in Real Life
I’ve never seen a Ninja movie and have no idea what a Pokemon is. But I’ve witnessed many a boy portray these characters on the playground or in the gym. They can seamlessly fall into character and di...
James E. 9 months ago
The Confederate Flag
There were three successive signs that served as the flag for the Confederate states. The second flag, known as the "Stainless Banner," is the flag we see when we think of the Confederate flag. This f...
James E. 9 months ago
Lunar Landing Conspiracy
The first manned lunar landing was on July 20, 1969, in the Apollo 11. There have been six manned landings and a number of unmanned landings since this first small step for man. The US is the only cou...
synovelle w.9 months ago
America, and the Pursuit of Happiness (In Ignorance)
Disclaimer: This is written based off of my own views. I do not represent anyone but myself. This is my perspective on real events. Take it as you will. - Recently, as of August 2018, a Guatemalan mot...
SKYLERIZED 9 months ago
Pulling Rank: Best Ways to Determine That the Illuminati Is Emotional from Rumors to Complete Fallacy
In a question proposed by an audience member during a taping of the Donahue (1967-1996) show to Ayn Rand regarding the existence of the Illuminati and whether that played a factor in Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957), Miss Rand simply rejected anything like those “conspiracies.” As of late, the talk has resurfaced about secret societies running the Earth like Adam Smith’s invisible hand twirling the globe. But it was another Adam that fostered this whole debacle over what these behind doors gro...
SKYLERIZED 9 months ago
Pulling Rank: How Freedom of Speech Must Be Protected Listed From Silence to Say It Loud!
The word “censor” is sometimes reserved for radio and television busybodies who seek to curb the content that a program or presenter offers to an audience. Often the joke goes, “this won’t get past th...
Gabriella Novello9 months ago
Opinion: To #BeBest or Not?
President Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted profanity towards CNN commentator Symone D. Sanders last night, surrounding the recent report of a college student murdered by an undocumented man. On Twitter, Sanders claimed the death of college student Mollie Tibbetts was because "she told a man to leave her alone while she was jogging.""Her murderer happens to be undocumented. This isn’t about border security. This is about toxic masculinity. Mollie Tibbetts lost her life b/c a man...
SKYLERIZED 9 months ago
Pulling Rank: Best Ways to Combat the Opioid Crisis Listed from Light Buzz to Overdose
Throughout American history, epidemics such as influenza and smallpox have ravaged various populations. Influenza and smallpox are illnesses among others that have plagued the Americas. But what is not an epidemic is opioids. It is, properly, a crisis. And it is also a crisis that ought to be fought by private means, exclusively. Chris Christie is chairman of President Trump’s Commission on Combating Drug Abuse designed to “study ways to combat and treat the scourge of drug abuse, addiction, and...
Pouria Nazemi9 months ago
Space Force: The Battle for Final Frontiers
There are things that president Trump likes them very much. He loves the crowd size of his inauguration, He loves the golf, and he loves ratings, he loves the wall. And now there is the space force. I...
Brian Anonymous9 months ago
Guns Aren't Only an American Problem
We hear about the horrific shootings in the United States and grieve with our southern neighbours. Canadians generally think these situations are isolated in the US and don't believe it can happen in ...
Jessi Gore9 months ago
Why Do People Care About Race?
We all know or have at least heard of the term "racism." Although, I don’t think we all agree on what exactly racism is. Some people believe stereotypes themselves are racist, especially negative ones...
Carlos Guerra9 months ago
Space Force
Our 6th Military Branch
Katie Pevreall9 months ago
#BBCSwitchOff: The Hashtag Sweeping the Nation
This evening (9 August) #BBCSwitchOff has been gaining traction over Twitter, reaching lofty heights and trending at No.1 in the UK and No. 4 globally in a matter of hours. According to Twitter users,...