It seems every time one racially-charged incident ends, a gender or religious controversy takes its place; Ruminate on the issues dividing our nation and world.

Chris Hearn2 months ago
Donald Trump, DON'T SHOOT!
What in the world is Donald Trump thinking this time??? Yesterday, the man made some pretty intense threats against Central American migrants heading north towards the US right now, calling for possib...
Wendell Mitchell3 months ago
Laughing So I Don't Cry
What do the words racist, rapist, and Republican have in common? My top two responses would be a.) they all begin with the letter R and b.) some people uses them as synonyms so often it makes me want ...
Chris Hearn3 months ago
When It Comes to Divisiveness, Trump Is Not the Only One to Blame
America is having a bit of a crisis right now. It is deeply divided, and it only appears to be getting worse. The most extreme case is the fact that a man, identified as Cesar Sayoc, has been arrested...
Roman Pierce3 months ago
On Nationalism and Its Value
If I held a Nationalism Conference and invited a representative from every nationalist collective, what do you assume would happen? I would have a member of the Black Panther Party sitting next to an ...
Jonathan Moore3 months ago
Disease Mongering: The Values of the Modern Healthcare Industry
(OCT 7th, 2017)—There are a few things that every American ought to be aware of, and among those is the knowledge that numbers do not lie. In addition,, there are a few things that the government shou...
Kristen F3 months ago
'Climate Refugees' in the International Sphere
The idea of a “climate refugee” is a fairly new concept yet there is much controversy surrounding it. The term was first introduced by Lester Brown of the Worldwatch Institute in the mid 1970s and has...
Flag on the Play
In response to a post I made on my Facebook page about the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation and subsequent inaccurate, misinformed or blatantly ignorant comments by multiple people, I had no choice...
Sydney Lovell3 months ago
America Has a History of Separating Families
Many Americans were rightfully shocked and appalled. Soon after, the current state of the US was most commonly compared to the likes of Nazi Germany. Though most comparisons come from distant pasts an...
Despite All My Rage
"Calm down, your PMS is making you rage," says the dude who punched a hole in the wall because his girlfriend's ex sent her a text. "She went all crazy girlfriend on him," says the dude who regularly ...
Michelle Schultz3 months ago
The Kavanaugh Case
My family and about 90 percent of the people I surround myself with have been following the Kavanaugh case religiously, from completely opposite ends of the spectrum, I might add. Even if they weren't...
Kimberly Alcorn4 months ago
The Kavanaugh vs. Dr. Ford Dilemma
Unless you’ve had your head under a rock these last few weeks, you’ve probably heard some of the commotion surrounding Brett Kavanaugh becoming the next Justice on the Supreme Court. He has been accus...
Nathalie Martin4 months ago
Equal Pay? What's Equal Pay?
September, in my opinion, has been one of the most depressing months of the year to date. In a year where we have lost some of the greatest influencers in music, film, and British comedy we have had n...
James Howell4 months ago
White Pride and Nationalism
I’m not exactly sure where these ideas come from. Essentially being born white or in a certain country is nothing more than a genetic lottery. Your parents created you wherever they were at the time. ...
James Howell4 months ago
When Will Hate Speech No Longer be Considered Part of Free Speech?
So we think about the first amendment, the right to free speech. This gives us the power to say that we don’t like a politician, or a certain policy. It gives us the right to disagree with each other ...
Jaden Bleu4 months ago
Up and Running vs. Wobbly Stepping
A Comparison of Two Healthcare Systems
Iria Vasquez-Paez4 months ago
How Other Countries Do Healthcare
You have to wonder why the United States doesn’t do free healthcare for all, how much they wring and gnash their hands at the prospect of universal healthcare. This idea is outright offensive to capit...
Quinn Q4 months ago
The Holocaust: A Conflicting Genocide
11 million innocent lives unjustly taken; people robbed of their future families, friends and successes. The Holocaust spanned 12 years of dictatorship and terror, with the intent on wiping out the en...
Oqhaxx 12084 months ago
Differences Between Floods in Rich and Floods in Poor Countries
When a natural disaster strikes a poor country and a rich country, there will always be different consequences.