A handy guide to all Congress happenings on both sides of the aisle. Thank goodness for this political body that keeps Presidential power in check.

Parker Simpson2 years ago
Arizona Legislation Clamps Down on Protesters
Information in an article in the Arizona Capitol Times has revealed that the Arizona State Senate has voted to move forward with a bill that will give police new powers, including being able to arrest...
Parker Simpson2 years ago
The Content Of Our Character
It’s been a wild few weeks for Gwinnett County (Ga.) Commissioner Tommy Hunter. Hunter, who was elected into office in 2012, is in hot water for a series of Facebook rants on various issues. The most ...
Rich Monetti2 years ago
Voter ID Laws Are Disenfranchisement Politics As Usual
Three to five million illegal votes and Jeff Sessions our new attorney general, the voter fraud issue is going on full alert in the Trump Administration. But the concern amounts to nothing more than t...
Rich Monetti2 years ago
Eugene Jarecki and the American Way of War
With Americans dreaming that change begins and ends on Pennsylvania Avenue, Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki provides the real home address of its implementation and gives definition to what the word should m...