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Claire Raymond2 months ago
Why Nick Offerman Should Be the President of the USA
Let me start by saying I am not an American. I am a British woman. So I don't know a great deal about your politics, but I know a really bad President when I see one. "Snowflake!" I hear you cry, but ...
Leanna Davis3 months ago
Most Ridiculous Things Ivanka Trump Has Said Ever
The most ridiculous things Ivanka Trump has said ever come from her own books as well as her social media accounts and interviews. These are things you just can't make up. Of all the quotes she has sa...
Delilah Jayde3 months ago
Why Oprah Might Not Be The Best Choice For Presidency
Since her inspirational Golden Globe speech went viral, talks of "Oprah 2020" has risen from whispers, to chatter, to potentially possible. We considered what she would wear to her inauguration. We po...
Rachel Carrington5 months ago
It Won't Be The O-val Office: Oprah Is Closing The Book On A Political Run
Despite speculation that Oprah might be considering a run for presidency, following the election of another media figure without traditional political experience, the talk show tycoon just confirmed t...
Edward Anderson6 months ago
Here's the Thing, Taylor Swift
Is there any celebrity more careful about her reputation than Taylor Swift? Even as she begins to change her image from the good wholesome girl that many have come to love to the bad girl that she thi...
Christina St-Jean6 months ago
"We Don’t Care About Your Sexuality But We Care About The Crime" — The Media Missteps Regarding Kevin Spacey
Look at Daily Mail, The New York Times, or even The Hill and you'll see a theme as far as Kevin Spacey is concerned. "Spacey comes out as gay amid allegations of advance on teen boy," says the headlin...
Christina St-Jean6 months ago
Kevin Spacey Under Fire Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Coming Out
"I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing." "I don't remember what happened." Men and women alike have both used lines similar to these when it comes to behavior that does not fit with how they us...
Christina St-Jean6 months ago
#WomenBoycottTwitter: Did It Make A Difference, Or Did Women Silence Their Voice?
Anytime people are banding together to fight a common cause for the greater good, I'm intrigued. The #WomenBoycottTwitter movement, which occurred Friday Oct. 13, definitely has me intrigued, but it's...
Jocelin Leige8 months ago
Daily Mail Made a Big Fail
Sometime yesterday Daily Fail, I mean Mail, made an article about the lovely Munroe Bergdorf and how she said, just as I did, that all white people benefit from privilege. As you will see, they used h...
Dre Joseph8 months ago
Kaepernick: The New Ali
If the vast majority of Black people in America (notice how I said not all) do not boycott the National Football League this upcoming season... we are lost as a people like for real for real. Colin Ka...
Patrick Wilson10 months ago
Is Western Civilization in Jeopardy?
Contrarian feminist scholar Camille Paglia is an acquired taste. In a short exposé interview with The National, she is described as “an anti-feminist feminist [and] a transgender person critical of so...
Roger Smith10 months ago
Aslan's Deception
Clearly, as Reza Aslan so eloquently demonstrated, obscurantism is the new black. With an all but creepy smile, Aslan has been lionized, sniffing things like Islam does not need a reformation. Really?...
Dan Johnson10 months ago
American Ostrich
Americanus Ignoramus. Successor to the now extinct American Eagle. Symbolic emblem for a nation of 350 million people unwilling to face increasingly unpleasant realities. Icon of a country spoiled by ...
Erik Skaarsgard 10 months ago
10 People Who Should Replace Sean Spicer and Why
After just a few months, the Trump administration has been a clown car of scandal. The mouthpiece for this, alongside the golden-skinned leader himself, is former Easter Bunny, Sean Spicer. Among the ...
Jeremy Frommer10 months ago
Dear Donald... Sorry, Not Sorry
Why apologize? Why should actors and other creatives keep apologizing to you for expressing their feelings? You have never apologized. In some ways that wouldn't be such a big deal, or at least not un...
Christina St-Jean10 months ago
What Was Johnny Depp Thinking?
Actor Johnny Depp has drawn sharp criticism for recent remarks that suggested he - or someone else - might attempt to assassinate United States President Donald Trump. "Threatening to assassinate a si...
Zane DeYoung10 months ago
The Wonder Woman of Tel Aviv
There’s a billboard on the Tel Aviv highway that proclaims “We Love You” under a picture of Wonder Woman. More accurately, under a picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. In Israel, she’s kind of a big ...
Edward Anderson10 months ago
The Pulled Show
The Carmichael Show was a surprise hit for NBC when they debuted it 2 summers ago. It won over critics by tackling controversial, and timely topics while still managing to be funny. It's a rare feat i...