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Stop the Violence

Save Lives

Today, we live in a world where mental health and gun violence are the norm. Unfortunately, as of March 5th, 2018, there have been 19 school related shootings resulting in countless lives lost. Psychopathic behavior of copycat serial killers using AR-15s for premeditated murder and the dilemma of the individuals' 2nd Amendment to purchase guns. Unfortunately, “We the People” voted qualified representatives into Congress to protect children and adults, yet casualties do not meet the gun control standards. My heart pours out to the families begging for help while individuals in charge wait for the next incident to occur to act. How many people must be buried before it becomes a state of an emergency? America is in a crisis in the crimes against kids at schools. Urban community deaths are rising, and criminal offense acts, too.

A parent sends their child to school with confidence of their safety, well-being, and to receive an education. A parent never wants to bury a child and carry the burden that they were just another statistic. A teacher uses tools and methods to teach effectively, but not to be placed in a combat situation. A teacher is known to use TLC, have a warm heart, and feel a connection with their students. The government is potentially considering the possibility of  arming teachers, yet did play devil’s advocate on how that would be a step backwards and an epic fail. My suggestion is to forget the wall being built in Mexico, hire trained individuals to schools as civilians, and place funding in the schools. A line of communication needs to be addressed as far as if you hear or see something suspicious, report it. Nevertheless, these kids are our future. We teach kids to take a stand and when they do, Congress folds. Silence is a sign of fear and it forms into acceptance. For example, many people missed signs and reportings in the Florida shooting. Simply, the system failed to do their job and a 19-year-old targeted a high school in which he was expelled from for disciplinary reasons.

Unfortunately, the African American community is facing racial profiling and countless lives lost that started the “Black Lives Matter" movement. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I have heard people being afraid to stop while being pulled over by a cop. Just don’t move, and livestream or record it. This is no way to live in the land of the free, yet social injustice is a fact that we have a long way to go. However, the black on black crimes are at an all-time high with people fearing the "No Snitching Rule.” Criminal offenses are in relation to all races in which many are a victim of the system and others have committed crimes endangering or harming other innocent people. Jail is meant to rehabilitate people over time to adapt to society, yet the mind requires a different level of professional help over a lifetime.

Finally, have we failed in the underlying issue of protecting the innocent and mental health treatment? There must be a strategic plan of action to stop the violence and rebuild America. Someone must take a stand in authority and insist that the only way that we will make America great is to protect and uphold laws that will be enforced. NRA, take a stand to backgrounds. Include mental health status and evaluation from a licensed psychologist for an assessment to protect the communities. However, the terrorism has reduced and now we are at war against each other. Put the guns down!

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Stop the Violence
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