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Spanish Accusation!

How to lose friends and influence no one!

Four faces of Nationalism.... 

Just when I thought the SNP had scraped the bottom of the very last barrel, imagine my shock when I discovered they had found another barrel. 

This, folks, is the news that an unelected ex-Minister of the Catalan government had been served with a European arrest warrant. This fugitive, one Professor Clara Ponsati, was living in Scotland and working at St. Andrews University, from which she had been given a leave of absence, to be given the unelected  job of Education Minister in the independence-seeking Catalan government.

When the illegal referendum wasn't accepted by the Spanish government, the good Professor fled Spain along with the rest of the discredited Catalan government ministers, and landed back in her old job in St. Andrews University. 

At this point, all seems to have been going well and smoothly for the fugitive Professor, although she and her colleagues from her sojourn in Spain had been charged in their absence with a variety of offences against the state, including large scale fraud and sedition. These offences carry very long jail terms if the "offenders" are found to be guilty of the charges. 

Can you imagine the shock Professor Ponsati got when she became the subject of a European arrest warrant? This is for the purpose of detaining someone who is wanted in connection with a crime, but has fled to another EU country. 

Now the tricky part...because the SNP administration in Scotland backed Catalonia in its doomed independence referendum, they are outraged at the temerity of Spain for trying to get their wanted citizen back to be questioned about her role in the referendum and the subsequent events. 

Although technically still being in the EU, the Scottish supporters of Catalan independence are raging at Spain. They say this arrest warrant is not going to be complied with because it isn't fair. Well, the SNP are wanting to be independent and remain in the EU, but apparently doesn't like anything which they disagree about. They only want to be part of something they can control. 

Control is everything to these people. They cannot handle a situation where they cannot direct the narrative. In essence, they want to have their cake and eat it, but have someone else pick up the bill. 

There are similarities in the way pro SNP independence accounts and pro Trump Republican accounts attack anyone who dares to speak ill of either great leader. This seems to apply to the pro-Putin Russia Nationalist cause, and also the pro Catalan independent supporters. The Labour Party in the UK is currently trying to tell the public that they aren't antisemitic. The leaders have tried lying, intimidation, expelling various people who aren't useful, to make it look like they are trying to be decent humans. And when all else fails, smear the people who are asking the awkward questions. They love control, but when it's slipping, they, like the rest of totalitarian political parties, act ruthlessly to get back on track. 

Hmmmm, there seems to be be a pattern error emerging. I wonder if these ideologies are similar in any other way? 

They hate criticism or their leader; A cult of personality around the leader; A compete and utter devotion and belief in every word which falls like precious gems from their thin lips; They demand all party members never to be critical of any other member of the party, regardless of how bad or even criminal their behaviour has been. This is all about absolute control over every aspect of the country they govern. If, at any point in the game, things look like they'regoing badly, anyone who could be expendable will be sacrificed for the greater good of the party. 

We hear their leaders and politicians lying on a daily basis. One of the favourite tactics is to accuse their accusers of doing exactly what they have been accused of doing. This has been wrong footing their detractors for a while, but now this tactic is being used against them. The other one is to not answer a question with the answer to the question asked, but to answer with a question on a completely different subject. 

This is interesting to watch. The SNP, with which I'm most familiar, use these tactics all the time. I have noticed the Catalan Nationalist supporters have copied thus from their SNP fan club. The Trump fanatics are more likely to argue for longer, but usually pull some of the same tricks. 

Someone somewhere is teaching these extreme Nationalists how to deal with criticism, especially for the Trump supporters who might lose their temper and threaten to shoot the person, therefore losing the argument. 

I have discovered that arguing with any Nationalist is like dealing with a devious three-year-old who acts like a spoiled teenager in an adult's body. To be honest, it's really a waste of time, but occasionally a small point can be won, but to change a mind, not a chance. Once indoctrinated, their minds belong to the party and the Cult of the Great Leader. 

So, in the end, what will happen will happen. Let's just hope we aren't swept away by the dead-eyed fanatics of Nationalism and keep our freedom.