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Socialism Works in Movies, Not Real Life

Modern Day Life in Turmoil

The Democrats have a new face and a new agenda and perhaps a new passion and direction for the American People. But does Alexandria Cortez have a working, solid, not-perfect-yet-proven, science-based human driven economic model that is sustainable for at least the next 100 years without huge tax implications hoisted upon the working class?

If yes... please send me a copy of this 500-page manifesto so I can tear it apart piece by piece.

Let me set the record straight about all systems of thought or better yet,  just visit my profile and read my pieces for further discussion.

For socialism to work, you need the planets to be in proper alignment and you need the right delicate balance of the following criteria to interact perfectly; otherwise, the system implodes. In fact, there are no perfect systems unless you believe in the afterlife and God will restore all things to their former glory.

Here is what we need and these are in no particular order...

  1. Solid economics - supply and demand with cash flow
  2. A philosophical mindset where everyone is on the same page and no one disagrees on anything EVER!!
  3. A beautiful marriage of certain socio-economic factors where they work synergistically together for the betterment of mankind.
  4. A tax code that does not confuse anyone...
  5. Most but not all socialism platforms have an underlying religious or ethical overtone.
  6. Location, location location. (I will discuss this in detail and in a minute and show why this is critical.)
  7. A cross section of agriculture, technology, science, tourism, hospitality, recreation, banking, educational systems in place (systems of education may be public or private, Montessori, homeschooling, online education, etc...), the arts, engineering, and quite honestly a lot of hard work, tons of wisdom, the IQ of Aristotle and Plato, and all the Church fathers over the last 2,000 years, and all the mistakes of past communes of living in isolation.
  8. Lots of prayer
  9. A crystal ball or a time machine to look into the future so not to make any errors... NOT!!
  10. Tons of luck.

WoW! Tim has way too much free time. I think this is one of his medium to long posts to inject his style of humor and wit to get people to use that muscle stuck between their ears.

Use your brain, people, unless you need a 2-hour nap or a cup of coffee.

Yesterday evening, since I was bored and wanted to educate myself—although I have already finished elementary school, junior high, high school, and college and I should have a basic understanding of macro and micro economics—I wanted to do a little research online.

I do not wish to bore you with academic details and so I will use the cliff notes version. If I look up socialism, the actual definition is problem #1.

Most people do not adequately or properly or sufficiently define their terms and this only confuses and conflates the argument from the beginning.

Just as there are different types of socialism, there are also different types and degrees of capitalism.

Some interesting facts to consider:

Charles Fourier was an early founder and pioneer of utopian socialism. He created self contained buildings known as phalansteries. I just call them isolated containers where indoctrination and brainwashing takes place.

Every generation or age that passes, there is always a movement or a rising up of some political or religious leader who will claim they have a new novel way of making the world better or they are just fed up with the laissez faire of traditional economics and policies.

Before I continue on, it's an interesting side not that on Wikipedia (not always the best online source), they state and declare that Fourier combined two early words: phalanx (a military unit) along with the word for monastery.

That seems a bit of a paradox considering the fact that military units typically invoke rigid codes and regulations and strict adherence to laws. Then you have the flip side of a monastery where religious men and women form covenants (like isolation and solitude and being one with nature and God without all the rules).

Let us look at the history of communes and so-called utopian or socialist ideas or plans:

  1. The Kibbutz - a gathering or collection of people in Israel based on agriculture. It works on a small scale but the numbers are only shy of 300 people. Not exactly perfect.
  2. Ephrata colony - died out
  3. Llano del Rio - colony is now non-existent.
  4. Nevada City - ghost town
  5. La Reunion - this so-called social experiment for socialism did not work out. It stayed in place for 18 months.

During the mid 1800s, many socialist ideas did not gather any traction. A simple Google search demonstrates that each settlement lasted one to three years.

What happened? Why did it not work? Was there no game plan or a charismatic leader? NO!

Just read my top 10 list from above. Sometimes there were lawsuits or fires or just a lack of interest from the outside world or no trading (import or export).

Then there is the human factor. People just give up. They change their minds. Apathy sets in and no one wants to further an agenda they no longer believe in.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Socialism; it simply does not work for large countries and continents. It works for religious monasteries with the Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church and other older institutions because they have Sovereignty and they own their own countries and banks. But that is the exception to the rule. I have family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where the Amish still thrive.

You could make the argument they have their own commune and lifestyle and socialist environment but once again they bring in tourist dollars and somehow they make it work. But they also do not force their views onto others.

EPCOT center and the original vision of Walt Disney was considered a socialist idea. This concept was popularized in the film by Disney, Tomorrowland.

The neverending story lines of dysfunctional and normal relations is commercialized by movie producers and writers and directors and screenplay writers for the sole purpose of making a profit. YES, films are entertaining and even educational but are not always based on reality, but a sense of a better life.

Ask any 12-year-old if they had a chance to visit a real world magical school, that is like Hogwarts as portrayed in the books and movies by JK Rowling... they would say "yes" in a heartbeat.

But then they must be reminded it is only a movie based on fantasy. But that will not stop millions of children from wanting to recreate their own magical socialism castle.

I once thought as a child that Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton would be an awesome place to go on vacation but then again I would not want to be eaten by a T-rex.

Can you imagine my tombstone... "Herein lies a family member who got too close to a Stegosaurus."

America uses a unique blend of capitalism with some socialism mixed in. I prefer the term "mixed economy" due to the simple fact that any civilization is driven by many factors inside and outside their control of influence. The founding fathers knew this all too well. 

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Socialism Works in Movies, Not Real Life
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