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Social Respect and Its Effect on Governance

Respect and the Result When It Is Missing

Social respect and the result when it is missing:

While it is not a science-based observation, it does seem that respect is declining in all societies. Respect for others, even your enemies, used to be normal, but now it is rare.

Respect here defined as: polite regard, an attitude of esteem, consideration for others' feelings.

In every social group, in every country, respect is reduced. Gangs of urban criminals have no respect for the law enforcement agencies and not even for rival gangs. At the top end of the social and wealthy hierarchy, there is no respect for the effects their self indulgence has on others. In the 18th century and for a thousand of years before that, the edict of “Noblesse oblige” ruled the powerful. Their right to be thought of as noble depended on their behaviour and actions, their observance of their own moral duty.

Duty is another concept that is being discarded. Children are conditioned to believe they have rights, where in previous ages they were taught to perform their duty. People are led to believe that they have a right to protection by the state, but no duty to it. Even criminals who routinely break laws are told, by money grabbing lawyers, that they have rights within the law, but no duty to uphold that law.

I hear many complaints that visitors to Britain show no respect for our traditions and no respect for British values. How can anyone know that respect is expected, when our media, especially TV, is constantly mocking our political leaders, the royal family, and the established Christian church? In many of the countries that our visitors come from, such mocking of their establishment and their main religion will get you thrown in jail and tortured, so when they see the media openly showering our leaders with abuse and getting applauded for it, no wonder they show no respect for any aspect of Britain. No wonder they believe they can flout British laws with impunity. It is a very old saying: if you wish to be respected you must first show respect.

This seems to be the foundation for the lessening of respect, and so the moral anarchy that is beginning to undermine every society. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, you will suffer if humanity descends into anarchy. When anarchy takes over, there is no law, no duty of care, no moral obligation; there is only “might is right.”

The reasons for this lessening of respect appears to be, as with so many other aspects of life, manipulation by a few people in an effort to get control, and in order to do so, they aim to reduce social cohesion. Those who control the media aid those politicians who offer empty promises and who use the politics of greed, envy, and outright lies — all consciously seek to lessen respect for others. Curiously, history shows that when an elite, in the name of revolution, succeeds in causing total disrespect for existing authority and uses this to make themselves the governing power, they seek to impose respect by force. They change from destroying respect for others to demanding absolute respect for themselves.

Even in personal relationships, respect is declining. In both the workplace and the home, the idea of respecting someone else's obvious concentration and thus need to be let alone is not honoured. Intrusion into other's concentration and inner thinking is common. People talk at, rather than to, others. Very few ever listen to what is said to them, since they are only concerned with what they wish to say themselves; they show no respect for the words spoken to them.

Continued respect has to be earned; whilst we all have a right to be respected initially, if that respect is to continue we must prove ourselves worthy of it. The modern politicians and financial institutions are rapidly showing they do not deserve respect. The legal profession has long abandoned all pretense that they are worthy of respect. Banks are only interested in short term profit, not long term fiscal stability. The integrity of their customers is not respected; they would rather impose ridiculously high rates of interest on a dubiously creditable customer than offer long term sensibly structured support to a sound business proposition.

The printed media and the television companies would rather use easy to obtain sensationalism, especially if disrespectful to a known figure, than well crafted and thought through analysis of a situation.

This lessening of respect will drag us all towards a void, one that will be filled by a totalitarian force. Hitler came to power in Germany because he and the socialist party he led could restore respect and order. People went along with his extremist views because it was better than the chaos of no respect for anything. It could happen again.

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Social Respect and Its Effect on Governance
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