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So Wrong They're Alt Right

Alt right members hurl insults that aren't insulting.

The first thing that needs to be said: the alt right is just a fancy name for Nazis. Offended, don't be a Nazi. It's as simple as that. I have no patience for those that try to defend themselves with insipid excuses for being hateful, racist, insecure people. One person actually tried to tell me they were on the alt right because of Black Lives Matter. Are you kidding me? The two are literally not even the near the same thing. The Nazis, as they will be called from here on out, think that white is the superior race. BLM was standing up against their children being killed needlessly by police officers. This is the hell the Trump hath wrought and it is so stupid that if it were a movie, people would walk out on it. 

Yesterday, I saw a status on a fellow writer "friends" page that made me see red. Basically, it was that she was offended by MLK and therefore should be stricken from history books. She was not being facetious, this person got her news from InfoWars and was proud of it. Political discourse is part of what makes this country great but because of the current White House occupant, it is no longer discourse but a civil war. It's almost as if he thinks he is Abraham Lincoln but instead of freeing the slaves, he is freeing the Nazis. To be certain, I am left. Some say that I am Libertarian, they could be correct, I've never checked into it. That does not mean though that I am only friends with those who agree with me. Quite the opposite, I like to have educated, civil discussions about issues. Even if I don't come around to your way of thinking, it helps me understand the other side better. Worst case, it helps my writing. Best case, we have a better understanding of one another. This person though, she thought she was right and if you disagreed with her, you were a terrorist who should be jailed. Sound familiar? It's the same tactic Trump employs. 

After I unfriended her, and let her know why, I put up a status that let people know I would not tolerate racism on my feed. Sorry, there is enough hate in the world, we need to come together and love each other. No, that is not Kumbaya BS, it is what I believe. My inbox was filled with messages about how I was a disgrace to my race (what?!) and that I am a social justice warrior. The person who sent that, who has also been unfriended, made it seem like it was an insult. To me being a social justice warrior means that I care about people and want the best for everyone. If someone can tell me how that is a bad thing, please tell me. 

Hurling SJW as if it's a bad word reminds me of the people who cried "All lives matter." Guess what, black lives are part of all lives. Stop being a freaking hypocrite and learn what that movement was all about. Those that said "All lives matter" then moved on to "Blue lives matter." So what they were actually saying is that a chosen occupation is more important than a black life. But no they aren't Nazis, they're just alt right. They can blow their smoke somewhere else. 

To be sure, there are violent people in any group. The difference between BLM and Nazis is hate. Let me say that one more time so that it sinks in. The difference between Black Lives Matter and Nazis is hate. Nazis hate anyone who isn't white. I am sure they extend to anyone who isn't straight and white. Of course, the most important part of it is that the person be white. If they are black, Mexican, Muslim, or any other race they are inferior and deserve to be killed. That is the thinking of these Nazis. Being politically correct and calling them alt right is not an option. They certainly have no consideration for the feelings of others and we should have any for theirs. 

And that comes from a social justice warrior. A proud one.

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So Wrong They're Alt Right
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