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Saving America and the West

By Any and All Means Necessary

Saving America and the West

There are many things facilitating the full-blown socioeconomic collapse of Western Civilization as a whole. From endless proxy wars, incessant migration, Islamic terrorism, the state of affairs in America and Europe has awoken many people to the fact that the New World Order exists, and to the plans being fostered by that Elite. However, on top of the things just mentioned, there are many Revolutionary Communist groups funded by the Elite, along with corrupt politicians, central bankers, crooked officials, unjust laws, and lobbyists. While many people are fighting back against these things, there are still those that choose to remain apathetic and uninvolved.

This engineered collapse of the West has been occurring for decades by various individuals who work through differing avenues, such as the CIA, the United Nations, AIPAC, the ADL, MI6, and the European Union. In the wake of increased violence, tyranny, evil, and corruption, many groups including Identity Evropa, the Soldiers of Onin, Generation Identitaire, the Alt-Knights, and the New Sons of Liberty are leading the charge to save America and Europe from the Illuminati. Along with the new alternative media outlets, such as Info Wars, Central Florida Post, among others, the lies and false narratives of those part of the Deep State are being countered with actual information and with the truth. This is key in mobilizing people of many different races, backgrounds, and ethnicities to unite against the Elite and their fronts to liberate and save our Civilization.

We must remain vigilant, act upon what we know is right, and work together to set things straight. This includes dismantling the European Union, eliminating the Rothschild Banking Cartel, taking over all levels of government, and nullifying all unjust laws. Regardless of the manipulation and conniving of the media and political hacks that work to subvert us, we must continue our Second American Revolution and our push to also save Europe. We must not allow fear, petty disagreements, or anything else to deter or divide us.

This may appear to be an insurmountable task. However, it is entirely possible to not only fully restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States but to also help the peoples of Europe gain their respective national sovereignty. Thankfully, we as a whole, as true patriots of our respective countries, have been carrying on the fight for liberty, and we are gaining ground steadily. We have attained numerous victories on many fronts. As a result, the Illuminati and their fronts are in full panic mode. So, we use their own fears and reverse engineer their own methods and structures against them to secure more victories in this overall conflict.

This isn’t just about Texas, the Confederacy, the Federal Reserve, Brexit, or dismantling the European Union. This is about all of those issues and much more at the same time. It is incumbent upon each of us to remain fully aware, ready and focused to indeed ensure that we do in fact win the overall war against the New World Order. And we must also be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our victory against these bastards that work to subjugate and enslave mankind. That means getting dirty and bloody. It also means taking back our God-given rights and liberties by force, and by seeking political and economic power for the greater good.

Furthermore, we must ensure that all traitors and infiltrators are given absolutely no quarter and flushed out as efficiently as possible. We must never compromise, stray, or surrender from the overall cause. Our cause, the cause for the liberation and restoration of America and Europe, is indeed a just and righteous cause. Despite the negative press and the political and economic hacks, this fight must continue at all costs. We must save America and the West by any and all means necessary. 

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Saving America and the West
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