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Right and Left

A Guide to Understanding Modern Politics in This Hectic Time

Right, politically, is categorized as authoritative and more inclined to think and act blatantly upon the physical world. An example of far right thinking was the case of Adolf Hitler himself. Under his authority, a large amount of people were physically enslaved and punished for crimes they didn't commit. Another example of this type of thinking would involve a police state, where police hold ultimate authority in all situations, essentially inciting the same thing: total loss of freedom.

Left, however, is a little bit different. The authoritative far left like to control what people think and how they act. An infamous example of this is the dreaded 'n' word. None of the slaves that existed are alive anymore. At this moment in time there is nobody alive that has been a slave or a slave owner. The developed world tends to share the idea that slavery is an awful thing and has a lot of laws against this type of thing. So why is this word still alive? Guilt and control.

People of color have quite honestly embarrassingly adopted this as a badge of honor in a flippant attempt at retribution for a fight that has long been dead and buried. It has been used by white people too but those people are also living in the past and society condemns these people. However, in most cases in today's society, this word is like a trap waiting for people to fall into. Almost like a dare or an attempt to get one up on the white man from POC as a collective. 

For example, Kendrick Lamar recently invited a fan up on stage during a performance, knowing fully well that his song contained the 'racist slur.' He proceeded to throw this in her face, humiliate, and brand her as a racist in front of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. Is this a message? Is this constructive social commentary? No, it was a dick move. Another example is when Pewdiepie said the word in passing jest, as many modern day 'rappers' do. Massive mistake. This lost him affiliation with his YouTube red show and got a lot of negative articles published about him branding him a racist. You may think this is justified, but a large proportion of the media are totally fine with Tekashi69 screaming the word at the top of his longs in his array of *PLATINUM* songs, being of Mexican heritage. Aside from him being a pedophile rapist, of course, he is massively famous, left unquestioned. This is called a double standard. It's what happens when people switch how they feel when it appeals to the agenda they're pushing. Which the media are.

This attempted assassination of character is totally symptomatic of a chaotically trivial and pathetic trivialization of social justice ideas. Social justice is important for the disadvantaged, sure; however, this course has totally been perverted by the media and universities in America and around the world. Teaching 'gender studies' shouldn't exist. That should all come under 'Biology.' Inflating a problem that isn't there creates an awful, toxic ideology. The proof of corruption is right there staring you in the face when you have a governmental institute telling you how to feel. Personally I feel sorry for the people that have bought into this idea as they are the first victims of the brainwashing. 

Remember when I likened the right to physical enslavement? How Hitler put all those people into camps? How about this: you are in a camp right now based on your skin colour and sexuality. You're in 'camp can't say this'. Or you're in 'camp can say this.' Or you're in 'camp special and untouchable.'

None of these camps are physical because then you will notice that you're in them. They are nonphysical mental prisons. You could say one word to a person and be thrown in jail. Now push this agenda as far as it will possibly go and you create a toxic, hypocritical, dysfunctional society filled with hypersensitive people terrified of speaking to each other because of government interference. Sometimes it's better to take it on the fucking chin and get on with it.

The far left is an incredibly dangerous mindset, just like the far right. Total opposites, but they just lead to different outcomes.

Now let's put this all into a metaphor.

The right hemisphere of your brain is used for things such as creativity and art, the left is quite creative.

The left hemisphere of your brain is used for things such as logic and mathematics, the right being quite logical.

Without a healthy right/left ratio, you just and up being mentally retarded.

That is all.


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Right and Left
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