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Rep. Pelosi, the House Is on Fire and You're Talking About Dinner?

You are not in charge.

Sorry Rep. Pelosi, but you did not win the House. The DCCC didn’t win the House. The Resistance won the House. The Resistance made up of rational Republicans, Independents, Progressives, Liberals, and Democrats. This is not your win. Your run-of-the-mill, kumbaya, work across the aisle blather is exactly why, we, the resistance is telling you to step aside and let our new representatives run this thing.

Let’s be clear, the DCCC wagered that many of the progressive candidates that won their primaries, and then won on Tuesday, couldn’t win telling the truth—being themselves, truly progressive. Yet, they did. Now you are wagering that the only way to move forward is through “compromise?” Lady, the House is on fire and you’re talking about what we want to cook for dinner.

New Reps Who Are Fit for the Fight

On Tuesday, the Resistance sent 100+ young, fit, strong firefighters to fight this blaze that is burning down all of our institutions. Do you really think that the ones that sent those fighters are going to sit back and let you old heads who have been sitting there watching the blaze for two years now take the lead? If you were fit for the fight, you would have done that—even from the minority —instead of acting like a bunch of neutered puppies.

Take notice, the new Congress that we sent there is intentionally bold, brave, and strong. We need soldiers in this fight, not a bunch of mealy-mouthed Democrats afraid of their own shadows. This is an emergency. Your folly is in treating the Resistance as if we’re a bunch of mindless orcs like your opposition. In case you haven’t been paying attention—we are not!

The Bold and the Brave

In case you haven’t noticed, we are not asking you what to do, we are telling you. There is nothing the Republicans can do now with this majority to further destroy the ACA (unless you help them). They can’t get rid of social security, Medicare, and Medicaid because they’ll need an assload of Democratic votes to do it—for your information, we did that on purpose.

What we need you to focus on is putting out the fire—the YUGE elephant in the room. We can’t talk about dinner while the house is coming down all around us. You and your colleagues who have been there wearing a flame retardant suit, boots, gas masks, and a hose while just standing there talking about how big the blaze is have to get out of the way.

Get out of the way!

There are over 100 new firefighters who are suited up and ready to go... Ones that aren’t willing to sit around spectating the fire, but ready to put it out. That’s what they are there for. That’s what we voted for, so get out of the way. You are definitely needed, but not in the lead.

Why don’t you be a vote wrangler and help our new speaker as opposed to standing in their way? We still need your legislative prowess, but we don’t need your leadership. Your leadership (or lack thereof) from the minority has been appalling. Now that the gavel is back in Democratic hands, the power goes to the Resistance.

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Rep. Pelosi, the House Is on Fire and You're Talking About Dinner?
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