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Remember When

When TV Was Young

We all know the signs of growing old. That old tried and true phrase "I remember when" conjures up memories of a distant past. A past that was filled with a harmonious union of fellowship, camaraderie, and yes, that new medium of television. As Archie Bunker kept singing, "Those were the days, when men were men and girls were girls." I guess each generation has their own way of expressing the "good old days." Like my father before, I too have said countless times about the "good old days." When I was young so many of my hopes and dreams laid ahead. But as the years went by I always seemed to hit a road block or two, a few detours popped up now and again, and of course there were always those wrong turns that kept me and I bet many more from achieving what we originally set out to do.

Now, I have settled into old age, yes the golf cart reality has finally arrived, I wonder now about how will younger generations when they reach that milestone of senior citizenship be able to express "I remember when" and be able to recount the pleasantries of days gone by. The world today has not evolved in a way that our generation envisioned when we were young. Some of the technological marvels that have been developed have been very beneficial for mankind. But in many instances technology has proven to be used not for the betterment of humanity. Today, we have seen unprecedented advances in medicine and science but for millions the world over are still unable to have access to all that has been developed. We have come to a point in the history of the world where we are at the brink of a political, economic, social, and environmental catastrophe.

This point in history can be traced back to 1914 when the Great War engulfed the world in flames of destruction. That war started the greatest turning point in the history of humanity. Ever since then we have entered an age of one disaster after another, and suffered unimaginable horrors and hatred. Today, we live in a world filled with insecurity. The history of civilization can be traced by the blood that was spilled when empires were built and destroyed...

With the world in disarray one can arguably say it is because of the great inequality that continues to divide nations. Today, we find millions all over the world wallowing in desperation just trying to make it through another day. The plight of the poor, the impoverished masses continues to grow. One of the greatest threats to mankind's future is the growing inequality. The wealth disparity gap is on the verge to erupt the world in global terror. We can see that we really are in an age of acute insecurity by what we are witnessed to every day.

Nation after nation are faced with economies that contribute to the inequality. And these failing economies always reveal what many people are really like. Their greed and lack of respect for life and property is well evident by what is actually happening to our environment and in the way this inequality keeps a nation divided. The fulfillment of the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution, "where the majority of the population have enough disposable income to spend, invest, save, and pay down debt is the greatest incubator for the health, vitality and security of any nation." When the majority of a countries population are able to achieve that goal is crucial in uniting the divisions that exist. When nations are able to attain the civility, stability, and equality that currently is missing among populations just maybe there will be no more wars.

It was Dante who in 1300 stated, "Peace could not last in a politically divided world." How right he was. The divisions we see today in each instance it is education that has failed society. The moral character that defined of our nation has withered and died on that vine of political correctness. We have forgotten that the very fiber of education must instill ones ability to develop kindness, patience, self control and love. Today, our economy contributes to the divisions we see. The vast majority of parents are caught in an economic and social climate that so often prohibits their ability foster their child's moral development. Even the best secular education cannot help that child or person to combat wrong decisions or bad inclinations.

Looking back to when TV was young the social decorum we had typified a way of life that is far removed from the times of today. Back when TV was young the moral development we got was pretty much from our parents. The economic fortunes for many of my generation were far superior to the times of today. Now, as I look back with fond memories I recall the heroes of we cherished when I was young. Many of them redefined our moral codes of behavior. As I look around today the heroes of yesteryear are no where to be found. So sad I hunger for their return. When TV was young we were witness to actual wholesome entertainment that was to became one of the basic foundations of our moral fiber.

Like the radio shows before the newness of television enable viewers to utilize their imagination in playing out the characters that were unfolding on the screen. Not like today where all there is practically is in your face spontaneous action, horror, sex or violence leaving no doubt of the intentions of what is being portrayed. This has had allot to do with the decline of moral character of many of our youth and it has corrupted the moral character of our nation as well. The childhood imagination of my fathers generation and mine spawned many wonderful technologies that wouldn't be available today without their imagination The entertainment that became an internal part of the late 1940s and thru 1960s was instrumental in developing the moral character of our nation that is sadly missing today.

In a world that is filled without heroes only villains and an awful lot of gray matter in between in the news today it would be so refreshing and reassuring that in our entertainment there would be actual heroes that vanquishes evil and we would all live happily ever after. Go back to the 1930's during a period in our history filled with uncertainty and a actual feeling of foreboding, we looked to the movies of the day to escape the actual drudgery of day to day living and used our imagination in allowing us to be swept away by the characters on the screen. That is what made those movies so successful. Today, some of that resonates in some of the films now. But, in the movies and in television both are sadly lacking in pure wholesome entertainment like we had when television was new.

The creativity of script writers for the shows of the 50s and 60s is very sadly missing today. Shows like Milton Berle or Steve Allen all made us think, be entertained and actually were hilarious all at the same time. Even the cartoons shows like Bullwinkle were designed to have a certain degree of thought that went into each episode while being very funny. The live broadcasts of the shows back then spurred spontaneous laughter on the sets as well as the audience in studios and for us watching at home. The Red Skeleton show had that spontaneity where you couldn't help fall out of your chair laughing.

Ah yes! the TV shows of yesterday. Nothing today even comes close to matching the entertainment, the spontaneity, and the hilarity of the way in which they were written, produced and portrayed. With found memories I will always cherish those times where television actually entertained and educated a whole generation. It is in education that is vital for not only developing moral character but for instilling the ability to enhance the concept of human rights and protecting our planet. When we realize what is still happening in the world today with the increased organized crime, the rising inequalities, the unresolved conflicts, mass displacement of people, global terrorism, and famine it is in education that can put an end to humanities conflicts.

We can't go back to those days of yesteryear, but what we must do is to learn the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. Learning from history is vital so that we won't repeat the mistakes of our past. It seems as though many of us still haven't learned and history is already being repeated only this time with more disastrous results.

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Remember When
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