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Reason First: Should Racism Be the Norm?

Are you racist?

The government should not be involved in anything that doesn’t involve protecting individual rights. For instance, if a music festival such as AfroFuture Fest wishes to overcharge whites or “non-POCs” or “non people of color,” the state should recognize their right to discriminate. Now, with that being said, whites, people of color, and anyone else with a rational brain in their skull should repudiate the festival and deny monetary support for the organization. The clearly racist act even brought out white supremacists which made this a clusterf–– of irrationalism. AfroFuture’s stupidity in trying to charge white people more than other races should be protected by the government. If they want to be idiotic and boost the price for people lacking a certain concentration of melanin, that’s their business. They should be free to be as bigoted as ever without any worry of force being imposed against them. The group extended that price break to “Black and Brown people.” But what about red, yellow, and yes, white people? Shouldn’t the color green be the ruling hue in this whole mess? Artist Tiny Jag, a person of color, denounced AfroFuture for their dim-witted actions. She took to Twitter to voice her disdain for the vicious ideas that AfroFuture has espoused. The young artist clearly said that she will not be playing the event and that their actions, “don’t reflect the views of the Tiny Jag Team.”

In a fully free society, these sorts of things would be legal, permissible, and recognized by the State without reproach. It would most likely be a scant amount of people attending these events as the realization of the irrationalism involved would drive people away in great numbers. People ought to be as racist as ever. Other people should have the right to reject such ideals and keep their money from events like this. They should be able to demonstrate and tell other Americans that some racist group is attempting to stage an event.

Eventbrite, the ticketing site who managed AfroFuture Fest, said that they disregard any organization that denies people admission to shows based on race and ethnicity. Why should the state muddy up any of this? Private citizens resolved this whole matter without one politician, law enforcement officer, or judge’s hands on this one. For once, the government didn’t need to be shoving its weight around and could focus on protecting individual rights. The very thought of doubling ticket prices based on the color of one’s skin is against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream, and it was dreamed up by black and and brown people. This is not reverse racism, it is just racism. The idea that people who have had relatives and ancestors repressed and oppressed now turning around and doing the same thing to whites is just as evil.

But they should be allowed to do it. It is ugly and cruel but it ought to stay completely legal and expanded to establishments. And in this case, artists and businesses enabled themselves to speak out against AfroFuture. Their cries of viciousness rang out and drove media attention to focus on how racist black and brown people can be. Ticket prices are just the beginning. There should be blacks-only schools, browns-only auditoriums, yellows-only car lots, whites-only restaurants, and reds-only hospitals. They should be able to turn away anyone based on the color of their skin with no government interference accept to protect the rights of individuals to be morons. The brutish reality of racism should be viewed as a weakness in the minds of people. But as long as they’re not violating the rights of anyone, they should be given free-range. Eventbrite doubled down on standing against the discrimination by saying that if AfroFuture does not comply to their outline of including all colors for the same price, they would drop the event from their site. So, let racism reign, but don’t expect anyone to support such wrongheaded ideas.

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Reason First: Should Racism Be the Norm?
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