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Reason First: Is the Black Woman Still a Target in the World?

In yet another viral video, a black woman is being attacked. The status of her safety and well-being seems to erode daily. The task of preserving her legacy remains.

The black woman is the original woman.

It doesn’t take an alleged white supremacist to violate the rights of another black woman, this time a senior citizen abused by a black male. While the videographers continued to capture the brief, lopsided melee, the assailant continued to punch, kick, and stomp the victim. Completely defenseless, the woman sustained bruises and cuts to her face. The question of whether black women are targets surfaces yet again. With all of the onlookers witnessing this brutal attack, no one decided to come to the woman’s aid. As everyone saw this viciousness, the thought to allow someone to record just the attacker's face while others could have rescued the 78-year-old woman from being beaten. Hatred of self remains at the crux of these attacks. The black male that committed this crime is no better than an assailant of any other race or nationality. 

Black NY Man Attacks Elderly Women On a Bronx Subway Train

For the people who just gawked at the man thumping on the woman, they should be held accountable for their inaction. Brutalization of women and especially senior citizens ought to be stamped out totally. The observers and their selfless, feeble, non-response to the punches and kicks doled out by the criminal correspond to the crime laws that should be enacted. To simply sit or stand there while another black woman who could be someone’s grandmother is pummeled is abhorrent. It is a pitiful state that we live in where people are not cognizant of simple acts of justice. Also, the integrity required to meet the demands of justice ought to have lead the people on the train to take courage and defeat the brute. Instead, they chose the coward’s way out and decided to do nothing except record. A life should be worth more than catching the event on camera. While the video provides solid evidence to aid law enforcement to catch this animal on two legs, it is still up to the citizens to at least call for security before the man could land blows against the elderly lady. Should legislation be signed to help prevent such ugly displays of aggression?

Man Brutally Kicks Elderly Woman in the Head On the Subway

By mandating that the people in the vicinity of a clearly one-sided battering should at least send for law officers, these kind of events may become a thing of the past. Additionally, self-defense laws would be able to cover total strangers from being brutalized by criminals. The 78-year-old woman’s pain and agony ought not go unnoticed. She has come this far by reason and deserves to be treated like a first class citizen. Because of her skin color, black women seem to have it the worst. Her own father, brother, uncle, and son, have molested, raped, and killed her for her beauty. The black woman has been forced to dehumanize herself to keep her lineage going. Throughout their lives, the black women have been put into the position of shouldering up the cause for her family.

Man Seen Kicking 78-Year-Old Woman Repeatedly in the Face on NYC Subway

This woman is no different. In her nearly eight decades on Earth, she has probably had to do dirt for the black man and what does she get in return? A few punches to the gut and kicks to the face. Laws meant to halt this type of behavior may already be on the books such as the Defense of Another Law. It ought to be on the minds of individuals who wish to have their videos go viral on the internet.

Disturbing Video Shows Man Kicking Elderly Woman in Face on New York City Subway

Such laws seem to be only applied to those who might have the ability to defend themselves and others. The way to best showcase this law would be to produce videos to appear on social network sites and literature and radio spots that not only advocate for someone to “see something and say something” but also to do something. Senior citizens or anyone for that matter deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The woman in the video was probably about to settle down for a peaceful train ride when a coward decided to initiate physical force. The way that the people videoing the entire event exhibited spinelessness is a crimson stain against those individuals’ psyches.

Police Looking for Man Who Kicked 78-Year-Old Woman in the Face on New York City Subway

Because the entire activity was relatively brief, the onlookers probably just figured that it was a domestic squabble that turned physical. In reality the commotion might have felt like an eternity to the black woman. If the woman had been white, brown, red, or yellow, would anyone had stepped in to rescue her from that onslaught of punches and kicks? Whether it’s an alleged white supremacist or a weak black male, the storyline remains the same. The discrediting, degradation, and dismissal of the black woman species continues to be a point of serious deliberation. May the United States and the world know, pay attention to, and defend the black woman’s struggle.

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Reason First: Is the Black Woman Still a Target in the World?
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