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Reason First: Boeing 737 Max 8 Deserves Privatization

Of course, all airlines and jet programs should be privatized, but in the wake of two tragedies, government should be ousted from the business of private air travel.

Notice the chemtrails.

Travel safely.

In the wake of tragedies that befall anyone anywhere on the globe, one thing remains certain: Regulators are always the problem. No matter how many jets fall out of the sky, the blame should be placed on government bureaucrats who extend their unwanted in hands into the business of everything from the financial sector, healthcare, motor vehicles, toys, and to aircraft. The latest disaster involving an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 has pushed entire countries like the United Kingdom to suspend the aircraft altogether. This is a result of the Civil Aviation Authority’s grip on the lives of free citizens who just want to travel safely. But regulators wish to put their hands on this specific aspect of life to deter otherwise rational adults from flying the Max 8 jetliner.

Prompt the people.

When it comes to regulations, it’s all about feelings. People feel safe about their regulators possessing the authority to say whether the planes are safe or not. It should be up to private companies. They have within in them the brains that can determine the safety or danger that a certain aircraft has. Regulators are just using bad math. They’re saying that because of the 2018 Indonesian airline, Lion Air Flight 610, and the recent Ethiopian Airlines disaster, one and one makes three. They’re delivering knee-jerk reactions where they should be moving out of the way and let the private companies take over all manner of air travel. No, we instead have a crisis of government, once again, overstepping its reach in the name of “safety.” The State only hampers and hindrances advances. The Concorde remained a sterling flying machine for decades until it was finally grounded and its program dismantled because of a few regulations. The crash that claimed all of the lives on Air France Flight 4590 in 2000 did not prompt the people of the world to petition to keep the Concorde program going. Busybodies in government positions grounded the supersonic airline.

Fiery Hoops

Max 8 is not the problem. Nor was the Concorde. It is government foolishness that leads to the deaths of people on roadways, railways, and in the sky. Because they weigh down so many private individuals with regulation after regulation, it is difficult for most people to see that these directives distract these people from their work. This leads to the focus being on the edict rather than safety. This leads to more injuries and deaths because of the fiery hoops that businessmen and women must go through just to get one jet into the sky. Their ability to come up with new ideas that would launch their company further into the future become chained down with the heavy fetters of government intervention.

To Protect and Preserve

The solution to all of this is for governments to have a “hands off” approach to their dealings with companies. They should only be there to protect and preserve order. That’s it.

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Reason First: Boeing 737 Max 8 Deserves Privatization
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