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Political Perspectives

The Bromance of Obama and Bush

I wrote my feelings about the friendship between Barack Obama and George Bush in 2014 after being fed up with conservatives lambasting President Obama and praising former President Bush. I had a hard time as the lone liberal and minority in a very white, conservative small town. I wanted to tear out my luscious curls on a daily basis. 

I was the rare individual who saw many similarities between the two and took note of their friendship. This friendship is detailed in Barack Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope. It is not a figment of my imagination.  

I wrote this two years before the election of President Dump.  I miss both of these men and would take either one of them back in a heartbeat.  They may not have had all the answers, but they are both good men who love America and wanted the best for all of us, unlike our current leader.

Everything is a matter of perspective and perception.It is amazing to me how people have absolutely no ability to be objective. People are can be so laughably childish when it comes to politics. 

When Bush was elected president, I was attending a very liberal art college in Los Angeles, where art students posted pictures on campus of Bush as Hitler and called him a redneck jerk.Most people there hated him. Today I live in the conservative stronghold of otherwise progressive Pacific Northwest, where most people hate Obama.

I hear things like Obama is evil and a scary black man. Do I agree with either one of these opinions? No way! Do I see a tremendous amount of bias on both sides? Hell yes! I don't think either one of these men is evil and the worst president ever. They both have done and are doing what they feel is right for our country based on their individual political agendas and parties, good or bad. I mean, how many of us know these men personally? Most of us don't. If we did know either one of them, it would probably change our perceptions.

In the first election when Obama was running for President, early on, he was actually not my first choice. I was leaning more towards former Democrat Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson. 

I don't usually vote for Republicans, however, I really liked Texas Congressman Ron Paul. The one main bias I have is not so much as Democrat, but as a mixed black woman. This is based on my personal life experiences. I know full well that when you are the first and the only, people come down on you twice as hard and try to say you only got where are because you are a minority.

Most of the time, it is a load of crap. People who aren't minorities don't know anything about that. I did feel a sense of pride at having our first African American president. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. I was so proud that America has evolved far beyond the days of Jim Crow Law, even if racism is still very much alive.

However, I refuse to be a blind supporter of anyone. I will remain objective at all costs regardless of political party or personal association. I don't see much difference between Bush or Obama. In fact, think they have many similarities. 

The reality is these two men are good friends and have been for years. This friendship was detailed in Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope. That should tell people something. I am not fooled by political biases and stupid propaganda. I never will be. My opinion is that they are and were both ok.

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Political Perspectives
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