Dear Donald...

RJ Plant
in Culture

Dear President Trump, This is not a letter of love or hate. This is not a letter telling you what you are doing wrong or right. This is a letter that, I hope, will help you leave a lasting positive le...

The Debt Of A Nation

Dr. Williams
in Culture

The history of this nation is being written in the annals of debt that has become almost to insurmountable. There have been two critical factors that have derailed the sovereignty and stability of the...

Clear and Present Dangers Staring Us in the Face

Guillermo Calvo
in Culture

There are really only two political leaders I trust and their perspectives are very different but they’re both decent, well informed, honest people: Dennis Kucinich and Jim Webb. Coming from the real ...

Even Iran Does Presidential Elections Better than the US

Felicity Harley
in Culture

The US has something to learn from Iran about Presidential elections. Donald Trump’s election has proven that the US Presidential electoral system has failed its electorate completely. The Achilles he...

The Martyrdom of Jeanne Manon Philipon Roland

Frank White
in Culture

One woman, Marie Antoinette, with her excesses, ignited the spark that started the French Revolution; another, Charlotte Corday, attempted to extinguish it with her murder of Marat. Between them stood...

The End of Trump

Cole Henry
in Humor

It has now been 116 days since Trump took on the role of our nation's leader (feels like a lot longer doesn't it?). He has had his fair share of controversy, but his most recent actions have many crit...

Interview with John C. Bednar, Author of 'The People's President'

The Swamp Staff
in Culture

Author and professor Dr. John Bednar first began writing his political thriller The People's President in the early 70s. His book–written in the scandalous milieu of Watergate and the Vietnam War–pose...

Looks Are Deceiving

Janine Addison
in Culture

The tangerine overlord recently had an article written about him. He was quoted as saying the job of President of the United States is harder than it looks. While half the country knew his happy ass w...

The Liberal Media Failed Seth Rich!

Wayne Dupree
in Culture

Is Seth Rich a hero? I think so, yes. In my opinion, Rich saved this country from a Hillary Clinton presidency after he saw things that didn't seem right working for the Democrat National Committee (D...

Societal Maladies

Guillermo Calvo
in Culture

Societal Maladies, How to Recognize and Treat Them, a Hypothesis It seems clear that society suffers from serious maladies that negatively impact honesty, decency and equitable and fair conflict resol...

Stuck Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Méave Gallagher
in Culture

It's General Election time in the UK and for approximately 21 years I voted SNP. Wasn't complacent in my choice of party and wanted Scotland to have a referendum on independence, playing the long game...