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Open Letter to Treasonous Trump

Trump has committed treason. Does anyone care?

It was bad enough that the election was stolen from the rightful winner, but Hillary made mistakes too. She got cocky and figured she had it in the bag and could help the down ticket. What’s worse is you told us that the election was rigged and your followers blew up thinking you meant that it was in favor of Hillary. “But her emails” followed every argument against her becoming President. Apparently, we were supposed to just forget that one ex-wife accused you of rape and that you lied and insulted your way to the Republican nomination. That’s just another day in the world of Donald J Trump, right?

You swore you would be an advocate for the LGBT community, but what you really meant to say was that you would be an advocate for us if we followed your heinous rhetoric and appeased your ego. Sorry Cheeto, that was never going to happen. Just like you being a leader for the whole country and not the racists, homophobes, and degenerates that voted for you. I can already hear your supporters crying out that they are none of those things, yet they said nothing and supported/continue to support you despite the evidence that your heart is full of hate for anyone that isn’t a white billionaire male. Most don’t even care that you whine about the Constitution getting in the way of your plans. Boo hoo. That’s what guarantees the freedom they claim to support so much.

All of this is bad. Most of the time you are just on the side of treason. Yet the spineless cowards in Congress do nothing. They cry about Democrats obstructing them and stop their own heinous plans for the country while failing to remember they did the same thing to President Obama. Funny how hypocrisy works, isn’t it? I mean, how dare a black man make the country great again, when a racist piece of shit, white guy wants to take us back to the 1800s? It’s practically treasonous.

Speaking of treason, you committed it yesterday. In front of the entire world, you sided with a known enemy to the United States against the very country you are supposed to be leading. The kicker is that your little buddy Putin did not see fit to deny the existence of your alleged Pee Tape. Now if being peed on is your fetish, more power to you but that had to be embarrassing that you committed a high crime and he wouldn’t even say that the tape doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s time to rethink your alliances before Congress starts to take action against you. Oh wait, Mitch McConnell has a spine made out of Jello and Paul Ryan is too busy gutting Medicaid and Social Security to give a damn about doing anything to rein you in and force you to answer for the treason that you committed.

I’m well aware that you tried to walk back the treasonous remarks. It’s too little, too late. If this Congress doesn’t start the impeachment process, then in November expect a slew of blue heading to Washington DC with the mission of ridding you and your corrupt administration from the swamp, as you’re so inclined to call it. Supporters will be angry and furious but at some point, we all have to be held accountable for our actions, and your time has come. The days of you being Teflon have come to an end and now it’s time for real patriots, people who truly love this country, to step forward and make it great again.

Impeach Trump. Make America Great Again. 

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Open Letter to Treasonous Trump
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