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Oh No, It's an Election!

SNP: The Truth and anything but the Truth!

The very definition of smugness 

Yesterday, as Prime Minister Theresa May signalled the beginning of the campaign for a general election, there was a loud screaming sound heard in Edinburgh. 

This was First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, wailing in frustration at the sheer injustice, the utter temerity, the utter bloody nerve of a sitting Prime Minister calling a snap general election and at the same time, Ms Sturgeon's bluff on the independence question. 

For months, all we in Scotland have heard from the SNP government and it's attack dogs, is how they were going to out manoeuvre and force Prime Minister May to grant them a second independence referendum in three years. They were so utterly certain of their political superiority and ability to twist events to suit themselves, that this outcome hadn't even entered their tiny wee bigoted minds. 

This move by the Prime Minister, has made the referendum argument null and void and wrong footed Ms Sturgeon, at least for another generation, or as the SNP call it, three years!  The reaction of the First Minister was so hypocritical it was hilarious. She accused Mrs May of "putting party before country!" Talk about "pot calling the kettle black!" Hypocrisy of the highest order, spoken with a straight face. Ms Sturgeon should have gone into Drama school rather than university. 

But this is just the kind of behaviour we have come to expect from this rigid po-faced political charlatan. From what I have heard, she was one of the first politicians to have their humour surgically removed.  This is a delicate procedure. All traces of humour or fun have to be excised in case of the possibility of return.   The operation, from what we see, has been a complete success. 

This humourectomy has seen her go from strength to strength in the heady world of Scottish Nationalism and Scottish politics in general. When she took over from the Great Puddin' Face, Alex Salmond, she was seen as a female version of Josef Stalin, but of course without the humour. No dissent is tolerated by the Party. This can mean the person who had transgressed, being taken to a remote bothy in the hills of Perthshire, and made to listen to a CD of Andy Stewart singing "Donald whar's yir troosers" repeatedly, while wearing a kilt made from barbed wire and thistles, without underpants! 

This either re-educates the sinner or drives them insane and turns them into a Conservative voter. Either way, the Party wins. 

The SNP line is always the same. Independence trumps all other issues. Education? Complete disaster. 

Police moral? Lower than a tortoise's scrotum. 

Social housing? More people sleeping in the streets than ever before. Poverty? What poverty?

 The standard reply to any question is, Labour left such a mess, we're having to clean it up! Labour and the Liberal Democrat coalition haven't governed in a decade, so what is taking so long? 

And how dare anyone question any policy made by the SNPolitbureau anyway?  Nothing is ever down to them, unless it's a success. And the successes are few and far between these days. The focus is always independence! 

There was some talk this morning, before the official parliamentary debate and vote on there being an election in June, of galvanising all the anti Brexit politicians and trying to out vote the government and cause the Prime Minister to resign. This was despite Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party leader, and Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, stating that they were going to vote yes on the election date! 

This nonsense was spouted by one of the most rabid SNP members of parliament, John Nicholson. This man is an ex television presenter and all round vile excuse for a human being. In fact the vote was carried by the massive margin of 509! So much for disruption and resignation. 

Now we have six weeks, which will feel like at least six months, of political sniping. In Scotland, the SNP will try to make the issue about independence. Yawn. And Brexit. Bigger yawn.  This will be a bad tempered and unpleasant time for the public. They will be badgered constantly by all political parties. Asking them for their precious vote. 

The public are tired of being told their votes count, and finding that this is never the case. As someone once said "if voting changed anything, it would be banned" or something similar. Bit I believe, in Scotland this time, voting will change something. 

The smugness of the SNP just might be wiped off their faces. The feeling is that the SNP popularity amongst people who were traditional Labour party, working class voters, has decidedly waned in the last few months. No longer can the SNP take these people's votes for granted. This is what almost destroyed the Scottish Labour party. Complacency and laziness.

 I see similar traits in the SNP. They are so focused on the holy grail of an independent Scotland, they have taken their eye off the political ball. In the last general election they had a record number of members of parliament (56) but I doubt if that will happen again.

Given the appalled performance of these obviously unprepared people in the Westminster Parliament, no one would be sad to see the back of them. They have been a complete embarrassment to their constituents and to Scotland. They would be no great loss to popular society. 

In closing, I would say that the iron grip of the SNP over its members and support is slipping. I see cracks appearing in the walls of the gilded citadel. Telling members which newspapers to read and what to watch on television, is becoming a bit wearing.

 I also believe that in the event of a electoral meltdown, Ms iron pants Sturgeon will be forced to resign. This will not go down very well, but it will have to happen. 

No honour in political defeat. 

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Oh No, It's an Election!
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