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Mueller Day Is Coming!

This investigation is not over, despite your "opinion" on the matter.

Donald J. Trump is no Superman. And, he is being investigated for reason. That said, as patronizing as this statement may be, there is a stark difference between “truth” and “opinion.”

To wit ...

Truth: None of us knows a damn thing.

Opinion: “Trump is or is not guilty of this or that.”

Question: Is he allergic to kryptonite?

For the Trump supporters among you, you know as much about Mueller’s probe as the non-Trump supporters like myself. For those in the GOP who (still) highly regard this President, your “opinion” on the matter means as much as that of a Democrat’s, or an independent voter.

Which is, nothing at all.

For those of you claiming us non-supporters need to “get over the fact that Hillary didn’t win,” or are “butthurt” (my new favorite word on social media) that she didn’t win ... I post a great deal about this topic so you can correctly assume I speak to a lot of people about it as well - off of social media. 

A conclusion: Less people are hurt by Hillary “losing” as some of you may think, less people are “mourning” her loss than some of you may think, and more people who are anti-Trump are so because he carries himself as something less than “honorable” or “straightforward.“

Opinions as well, but also clarifications as to the “why’s” of those opinions.

None of us knows a damn thing about Mueller’s efforts other than what’s been reported, and not a single one of us is smarter than anyone else about it.

Time will tell. For the record, I strongly believe Trump is guilty of it all. I lived in New York during his heyday. He was tabloid fodder back then. His affairs, his questionable professional associations, his bankruptcies ... and yet, The Apprentice changed that perception a bit. Suddenly, he was a TV “star,” even cuddly to some, a model of strength and decisiveness. 

As ever, we don’t see what happens when the cameras stop rolling. 

As an aside, the “fact” that he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame means ... what exactly?

I met the man twice, at Learning Annex events many years ago. Both times were rather unpleasant. Among the bits of wisdom he shared to the wannabe entrepreneurs in the crowd (myself included, and yes, I still have my original event notes): “If you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it.”

Uh-huh. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. He’s still in office. 

My bias shows. I am not sorry about it, but I am canny enough to acknowledge my prejudice. I am neither Trump’s judge, jury, nor executioner. 

I trust Robert Mueller. I believe he’s exhibited a great deal of integrity, and control, by not engaging in a public fight. Frankly, if I’m proven wrong in my own judgement, I will accept that outcome. I will never approve of nor “like” this President, but the job will be done. The investigation will one day be made public. I will fight with my vote, as ever, moving forward. 

But ... other than that vote, none of the rest of that preceding paragraph matters. Did Trump collude with Russia? Is he guilty of obstruction? Take another gander at the above image. I found it online during a web search for “Superman.” I was searching for material to post on Facebook, which some call my “second home.” I saw this image and it disgusted me. To many, Donald J. Trump truly is “Superman.” 

Amazing. Though again, his value as a human being, or less, is an opinion only. 

Once more, to be clear, I believe our current President is guilty as sin of all charges. And that’s also meaningless in the scheme of things. I continue to wait, with forced patience ...

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Joel Eisenberg
Joel Eisenberg

Joel is a writer-producer, and partner in TV development group Council Tree Productions. He has developed projects for Ovation TV, TNT, Decades TV and FOX Studios, among others. 

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Mueller Day Is Coming!
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