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Mother Sturgeon, Cult? Discuss

Cold is the heart which beats only for power.

Mother Sturgeon in Full Joyousness

I know I have written several pieces on the subject of the SNP and its effect on the life of Scotland and its political and people. So I decided to take a break from Scottish politics for a wee while. Unfortunately, I have no option but to write a little bit more about the present status of the SNP attempts to push for a second independence referendum and sundry other matters. Deep breath and here goes..... 

In recent weeks Nicola Sturgeon has been telling her Cult that she's almost ready to make a statement about making a possible decision on the possibility of perhaps calling for another independence referendum.

This statement has been delayed for some time. First they had to wait for the "Growth Commission" to report on the conditions, financial and economic, needed for an independent Scotland. This duly appeared, two years late and unfortunately for the SNP and Mother Sturgeon in particular, it was not positive. 

So now the promised statement is due to be presented in October. All this delay is not bad news for the Great Leader. In fact it's in her favour, because she has more time to think of another excuse not to say what she is going to do about calling for another independence referendum. She has to keeping stringing her Cultists along with the promise of Indy2, which is the catchy name given to a second referendum. 

There is already unrest amongst the Cultists. They are chomping at the bit and slavering, ready to go into full battle for another vote, despite the fact that it is up to the Prime Minister to grant such a vote. It is not in the Great Leader's gift to fire the starting pistol... 

Ever since the 2014 referendum, which was to have been a once in a generation event, the present incumbent of Bute House, Ms. Ironpants, Nicola Sturgeon, has been agitating for another chance to hold another vote of whether Scotland should be given its independence from the rest of the UK. This has been brought on by the other referendum held throughout the UK, on whether we should be in or out of the EU. Of course that vote, to the amazement of the British establishment, was won by the "leave the EU" side. 

This was, for the SNP, the starting gun for the campaign to have another try at changing the minds of the majority of the Scottish people, and getting a yes vote and the Holy grail of Scottish independence.         

This comes out of EU vote in Scotland being in favour of staying in the poisonous waters of the EU. Now the EU referendum was a UK vote, not just a Scottish vote. But of course the Nationalist side took this as a sign that Scotland now wanted another chance to become independent. 

The idea is quite delusional, but is backed by an equally delusional SNP support, desperate to be free of the imaginary shackles of the evil empire on the other side of the border. I mean, they really believe that they are somehow subjugated by England, their biggest trading partner. This has been orchestrated by Sturgeon and her mysterious husband Peter Murrell, who is the power behind the Sturgeon throne. 

The strangest part of the whole story of the post 2014 vote is the raising of Nicola Sturgeon to the position of near deity. Her support talk in tones of reverence about her. She is held up as an example of her sex, someone for wee lassies to look up to and emulate. She is beyond criticism or question. I'm somewhat puzzled as to why her adoring fans cannot see the cold hearted professional politician standing in the spotlight. If her character is besmirched on social media or in the press, her Cultists will swarm to her defense. To them she is beyond human failure. Nothing she does can be wrong, because she is never wrong. 

This non criticism is enshrined in the party rule book. No member of the SNP can criticise any other member in parliament or in public. Any party member who is brave enough to try and point out the dear leader's faults will be held in isolation and whipped with thistles and made to listen to the leader's speeches for three days non stop. This is not a good thing. 

One of the most worrying aspects of the SNP strategy is the infiltration into primary schools of SNP politics. Now primary school children are mostly intent on playing, learning how to count and read, not to be subjected to visits of the leader and her adoring entourage, encouraging them to draw and paint images of the great one, and then pose for a few pictures, while grinning teachers attempt to get in the pictures with the always smiling leader. 

This is the well practiced smile of the professional politician. But there is little warmth in her eyes. Occasionally she drops the mask entirely, which can be quite chilling. There is a very cold calculating mind inside the, I'm just one of the girls, personality. She can also adopt a very hectoring tone with strands of pure condescension running through it. In fact she has a look for all occasions. This does not happen by accident. This is the product of years of practice and purpose. 

Her main aim is independence to the abandonment of all else. Nothing, but nothing will ever stop this obsession. She wants to win the game which Alex Salmond lost. 

The country could be laid waste, but all she could think of is, is this another op inportunity for her to push forward her agenda for Independence. Now for the majority of the people in Scotland who voted against independence, this obsession is getting in the way of Scotland being run properly and for all the people. Not just for a minority of people who don't care. Education is underfunded. Police Scotland are a shambles. The criminal justice system isn't fit for purpose. Welfare was going to be handed to the SNP government to run and invent new benefits especially for Scotland, but the powers were handed back to Westminster because the SNP administration couldn't administer them. Neither the balls nor the brains to run something which they criticise the government in London for not doing properly. One could not make this shit up! 

Nicola Sturgeon should be ashamed of herself, but doesn't have the skill set to be able understand the concept of shame. There is no hint of humility to be seen. Mistakes are never admitted because that would mean that she had done something wrong. We can't have that. Her god like imagine would be tarnished. Her Cult members would see that she was human and the power would be gone. The Cultists would snap awake and wouldn't belief what they had done in the name of independence. The lies they believed to be facts. They would be distraught, eyes full of tears, gnashing of teeth and wailing in the agony of reality. 

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Mother Sturgeon, Cult? Discuss
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