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Modern Society

What the World Has Become

The realisation of what the world has become.. with a tad of light humour, added by a bear.

I attended a primary school prayer space event around about four months ago, and I have only really just had the time to sit down and write about it... It was looking at the story of Easter. 

Now, for those of you who are not religious, or believe in different faiths, this story we can look upon as everyday people. It enables us to see how everyday life lessons no matter how big or small, have importance. Betrayal, friendship, love and trust; these are just a few factors into subjects that are so easily understood, yet dismissed now through social media.

Which leads me to ask you this question: Why do we take so much pride into thinking and believing in what everybody thinks of us? Modern day society has done this.

When you look through history books, or watch documentaries on the television and see that life was less complex, everybody got along with one another. A time when villages would come together as a community, when village dances, bake sales or fetes would be the highlights of the social year, and truly mattered. When everyone attended church on a Sunday, not necessarily because of their religious beliefs, but because of the spirit that everyone would have walking to the local pub after.

Times have changed massively. And we, as humans, with our ever growing knowledge have done this to ourselves. Yes, change is good, in fact it is fantastic! Where there is change there is evolution. We evolve, its natural. But, through this have we ever learnt from our mistakes? History books can give you an answer to that one. 

Now an insight for you on what's really going on in the cyber world... one of the greatest things to ever be created within the modern stance- and what is hitting everyone in diverse ways...

Schools everywhere are suffering with more cases of severe bullying, even for the fact that over 16,000 students have stopped attending school because of this. In the last year, the NSPCC received over 24,000 phone calls from children who needed a helping hand because of bullying; whether being in school or the result of it being cyber.

The social media frenzy that children and young adults so desperately want to be a part of, is a book being judged by its front cover. This I established through the morning with the primary school.

Throughout the day, I witnessed children think and ask some very serious, astonishing yet phenomenal questions. One, in particular, asking: "God why can't the world be as nice on the outside?" this question came from a Year 4 student. It astounded me to think that someone so young understood the ways of the world- that everything is not as rosy as it is painted to be.

It enthralls me to say it, but the younger generation of today is the witnesses to the harsh reality. That playing games online can lead to a pedophilia paradise, as well as parents worse nightmare of finding out that their children have been apart of word calling online; but is painted and advertised on these games environments as 'okay' because its part of the 'games nature.' That social media now is the main contact and resource for 'main-stream' terrorist groups and different forms of gang organisations. That is now used as a first port of call for reporting major world events- not just by the news community, but from other people that have forgotten what respect is while filming innocent people being stabbed or ran over. This is the society now that we have to live and witness daily, and from that innocent Year 4's question demonstrates now that there is only so much you can hide.