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Mob Rules

How Big Corporate Screw the Little People

Capone Inc. - Chicago

We’ve all heard the jokes about how all of cable TV is mafia owned and operated. What we don’t seem to acknowledge, at least within the auspices of justice, is how true this “joke” is and how criminal — questionable — the whole telecommunications industry is. For an example, let’s look at how people that make less than $30k annual seem to constantly have problems with phone and cable billing. It’s almost as if they are somehow sneaking in extra bills/payments, creating a 13-month billing cycle. But we know that these businesses wouldn’t be the crass, right?

What about “Retroactive Billing.” Have you encountered that?

I’m betting that most people that make more than $30k a year have rarely, if ever, been hit with one of these; an instance in which “we missed this three months ago so we’re adding it onto your current bill”... Yeah, these are really awesome charges that seem to always show up just prior to a major holiday and that includes family celebrations. After all, they have your birth date info for the whole family. It can be timed. But let’s look at one other asset Big Corporations & Government have to use against us — FACEBOOK. We know they’re doing it, but we’ve yet to break our addiction to this potentially dangerous resource.

It doesn’t matter.

You can overpay Verizon and other phone companies for DSL, a technology that really needs to go bye-bye because it is so obsolete but no, Verizon keeps it around as an alternative to poor folk. But they charge you double for the service; getting their $45.00 for the phone line + $50 for slow as hell internet connections. Comcast isn’t much better. They just charge you more for less and gouge you every four months with added charges, shifts, and again, that mysterious billing portion that got missed months ago.

With the current administration in power, these big companies are out to screw us all, knowing that the crooked politicians they’ve bought and paid for will take the fall long before anyone does anything about their lack of ethics, morality, and general all around cooth. Big Business is nothing these days, but a bunch of thugs. Worse, they don’t have the honor or integrity of true Mob leaders... I’ve known a few and most of them are really nice, generous people that give a shit about their community. Big business no longer gives a damn about anything but taking every nickel out of your pocket and putting it into their own.

When You’re Poor

I survive on about $835.00 a month... Yeah, I’m one of those bums that’s living high on the hog off Welfare. So much so that I’m lucky to get one actual meal a day... or having to cut back on the 20+ meds I have to take in order to survive... and so the list goes. I dare any member of Congress to try to live as well as I do on so little... Go ahead. Set aside six months to be a nobody in our world. See what it’s really like and then search your soul when it comes to what needs to be done vs. continued service to the servants of evil — the 1 percent.

The “rich” have no soul, no conscience, and no empathy. They are driven solely by greed the a lust for power that can be wielded over the heads of the “little people” — the greater 98 percent of the population that the elite actually need in order to continue, but they’re so arrogant that they are now shitting on us all. Their lack of integrity blinding them to the fact that without consumers (the middle class) they make no money in that we can’t afford their products. No consumption means we become stagnate as a nation; no circular economic path is available.


We have to stop the Republican Tax Reform joke dead in its tracks and once that is done, we need to start insisting that these companies get audited — a complete and extremely transparent shakedown and where discrepancies are found, force them to pay penalties. Where cheating the books is found, HAND THEM! Break up their monopolies and the corporation and put the board in prison where they belong (for acts of theft and betrayal of public trust). We had to do this in the 1970s with MaBell and now it’s time to do it with big banks, big pharma, the telecommunications industry, and the PC Market (break up Apple, Microsoft, etc. They have too much influence across the market).

The next time you get a bill in with surprise charges, question it! Ask them why the base monthly rate that you were quoted as your monthly bill keeps moving up and down vs. staying the quoted price.

There was a time when most businesses operated from a more moral position. I guess with the new political and social views, that’s changed dramatically. Let’s hope that we end up with a better situation come November 2018. 

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Mob Rules
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