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Markle Fans Crossing a Line

Are Meghan Markle's fans going too far?

How far are you willing to go to defend somebody you never met but your idolize because they're famous? That's a question we should all ask ourselves when we read something online about somebody we look up to but don't necessarily agree with. Are you willing to tear down other people or even go so far as threatening another person because they have an opinion that differs from yours?

Meghan Markle is the newest member of the royal family but not everybody loves her and her fans are not okay with that. There are plenty of fan pages out there but there are plenty of pages that don't like Markle. I'm not going to call those pages hate pages because they don't once use the word hate on their pages, but no, they don't like Markle and they're not shy about it. But does that mean it's okay for Markle's fans to attack them and call them "racist pieces of s***." No, because these pages don't even bring up Markle's race, what they do bring up is her lack of respect for the royal family's rules and protocols. 

For example, they don't like it when Markle walks in front of Harry which may sound a bit old school, but that's not about gender it's about ranking. Prince Phillip is a man and yet he walks behind Queen Elizabeth because she is ahead of him in rank and Prince Harry out ranks Markle. These pages also bring up the fact that even when Harry and Meghan are at work—and yes, engagements like their recent tour was work—they point out things like that you don't see married couples that work together holding hands at the office. They also critisize her fashion but so does everybody else she is in the public eye, if she didn't want the critisism then she wouldn't have married a prince.

Markle knew that by marrying Prince Harry, people were going to have a lot of things to say about her and she had to have known that not all of it was going to be good, it never is. And there is nothing wrong with people not liking her because as we learn in grade school not everybody is going to like you, but Markle's fans disagree. They believe that if you don't like Markle you're a racist not even knowing the race of the people who make these pages, they just assume they are white. They claim these people and any people who follow these pages to be racist and work in teams to get these pages taken down even though they have every right to their opinion and to express it. 

But freedom of speech and expression isn't allowed, according to Markle fans. They say mean and nasty things to people just expressing their opinion. They claim these people are being bullies yet on the Kensington Royal Instagram page, they tear Kate down to build Meghan up. The pages that were made by people who don't like Meghan don't say these things and then bring up Kate, the only person they talk about is Meghan and if they do talk about Kate they don't talk about Meghan. 

At the end of the day, not everybody is going to like Markle. But her fans aren't okay with that and I'm well aware that if they read this, they may have some bot very nice things to say but I am not going doing this to tear anybody down. I am doing this to point out that just because somebody doesn't have the same opinion as you doesn't mean they lack the right to express it.

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Markle Fans Crossing a Line
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