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Looking at You Florida

Why are we ignoring an obvious problem?

No words can explain my seething anger at this moment. I have lost all faith in the slimy snakes who drivel feces from their mouth while pretending to care about those in their state and communities. There were two bills, TWO BILLS that would have banned assault rifles in Florida.

Now please understand that I am not necessarily for a ban, however there is definitely some reform that needs to be done. I am proud of the students who called these lawmakers out on their bullshit. They are true heroes and they are our future, which gives me a glint of hope for the world that my son grows up in.

These kids lobbied and rallied for stricter gun control. Unfortunately, their voices were not heard by the lawmakers, as the bill failed to pass with Florida lawmakers, 31-76. How can you go home and face your own children, while knowing that you are allowing another mass tragedy to happen. Is it because the NRA is lining your pockets? Is it because you truly don’t care? I’m sure as soon as this happened, the NRA was scrambling for cash to feed the money hungry politicians, who would murder their own families if the NRA paid them enough.

I just don’t understand how you couldn’t put this on the table after a mass tragedy such as this. Even if there are amendments and clauses in there, you couldn’t take the time to go over this and try to understand what these children are going through? Then again, these are the same shitwigs who are mocking them on social media, and are more worried that pornography is a public health concern. You have children standing there, who watched their best friends and classmates die, yet all you can say is “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do about it.” These are the same people who are willing to offer thoughts and prayers, yet offer no action or solution to the issue at hand.

Remember people, you voted those 71 people into office, with a promise to lead you and your communities into a better life. You can also vote them out of office. You have that control over them. If you are eighteen, or seventeen, but will be eighteen when the elections come around, make sure that you tell these NRA clowns to go fuck themselves and give them the boot out of office by voting against them. Let them know enough is enough. Write them, call them, and reach out to them on social media. Let your voices be heard and call attention to the problems at hand. You deserve an answer.

Don’t let them stop you because of this one offense. There are nationwide school walkouts planned. Join them. Let them know that you want to be there to learn without the worry of whether you’ll make it home or not. On March 24, 2018, there will be a rally, known as “March for Our Lives” (in case you want to look it up). They will be in Washington, D.C. and will be rallying for more comprehensive and effective gun laws across the nation. If you are able to go, then go and let them know that you demand actions to prevent these tragedies from constantly reoccurring.

It is up us to stop this from happening. They will not do anything about it, unless we force their hand. We have an ego-maniacal president who would rather sit on Twitter talking about the great things he has supposedly done, and all the wrong things he says are fake news. Until we say enough is enough, we will have more mass casualties, and more thoughts and prayers, but no action. Time to step up folks.