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Just Say No to Guns!

No one should go to school expecting to be shot.

This is heading to court... 

Guns are made to kill. Nothing more nothing less. 

Whether they are pointed at animals or humans, they are for killing. Guns are not for personal decoration. They are made specifically to create death. 

Now, there are plenty of people who blame the owners of guns for the horrific high school massacres and many other homicides and suicides. They should be allowed to have their opinions heard, but in this case there really are no excuses for what has happened in Florida and many other states. 

These massacres are almost exclusively confined to the United States. This is now becoming a trend which shows no signs of abating. The politicians send their thoughts and prayers, but show no appetite to introduce any kind of effective gun control. This is primarily due to the National Rifle Association (NRA) investing huge amounts of money in political lobbying. 

This cash is paid into politicians camp funds, in order to keep gun control off the agenda and off the statute procedure. Effectively bribing the greedy politicians! 

Amazingly, there is a section of the American people who have no issues with this disgusting behaviour by their elected officials. But I believe this section of the public is becoming smaller, due to the increasing pace of high school shootings. This most recent massacre of children has now become an international issue. The world is watching what will happen next, and hoping common sense will prevail and proper reform will become law across the entire country. 

I read some comments from so called intelligent people, saying other countries with strict firearm control have seen an upsurge in other types of attack, stabbings, et cetera. This may be the case, but no single person with a knife or possibly two knives, can kill as many people as someone with an assault rifle could inflict. This argument is quite ridiculous. 

People will always want to kill others for a variety of reasons, and will find a way regardless of laws. But the more strict the laws are, the fewer people will be slaughtered. Mental health issues are almost always blamed for these attacks, but if anyone is diagnosed with a mental illness, then they should be banned from ever holding a firearms licence. 

Sadly, President Trump has actually made it easier for people who suffer from mental ill health to buy assault rifles and hold firearms licences. This is an action of the utmost stupidity. 

The American people must make sure that they vote out as many of the greedy political pawns of the NRA at every opportunity and appoint politicians who actually represent the will of the people instead of lining their own pockets. Then there is a great chance of getting laws which will protect their children in an environment in which they should be safe. 

It is very difficult to understand the mentality of the people who are convinced guns are not to blame for the trails of blood from hundreds of innocent children. They are apparently oblivious to the obvious arguments against even some modest control over deadly weapons, and take umbrage at the thought of having less freedom to use weapons which wouldn't be out of place on any battlefield in the world. 

Living in the UK, we have never had the availability of these firearms. And after the Dunblane shooting of primary school children, the law was changed to remove and ban all guns except those used by people holding licences, such as gamekeepers. There will always be a few criminals who have access to firearms, but thankfully they are in a tiny minority. I doubt  the USA can make a total ban effective, but if the availability was lessened, hopefully mass shootings would decrease in number. 

I love the USA and its citizens, but the damage these atrocities has inflicted upon it is making the country look barbaric in the eyes of the rest of the world. This is not what I want to see happening. Something positive must come from this tragedy, which I believe is a huge turning point in this long series of horrific shootings. 

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Just Say No to Guns!
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