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Is America Trying to Mask the Real Problem by Using Gun Control?

Let's address the real issue.

Is America trying to mask the real problem by using gun control?

Should we really be focusing on gun control or should we focus more on mental illness? That is the question that a lot of people right now are asking; especially in light of the most current situations here in America. The first thing that we should look at is, “What is the 2nd amendment”? Well the 2nd amendment is part of the bill of rights, which states “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” And the 2nd amendment was adopted on December 15th, 1791; but why is everyone so concerned with it right now?

Well let’s take a look at a small lesson in history and then we will dive right in to mental illness and gun control and ultimately spark a conversation on being completely honest about what this whole thing is really about; fear of getting the help that most Americans really deserve, and that is mental health. But for now, let’s pretend that America really wants gun control.

Prior to 1924, Native Americans did not have any rights—especially when it came to the 2nd amendment—and guess what happened? A battle that many probably know as “Wounded Knee.” This massacre could have been avoided; however, the US army surrounded the Native Americans and demanded that they surrender their weapons. Of course, that caused a large fight to break out, and because of this, over 150 Native Americans were killed. Now would that have happened if they were not forced to give up their weapons?

Now, back from a flash from the past, what is going on today in America? Right now, America is talking about restricting access to specific types of guns, changing the current gun laws, and going as far as banning certain type of guns. There have been walkouts, protests, and honestly, people throwing fits because they are now scared of the idea that “this may happen in your community.” Well news flash, America, gun crime is actually around an all-time low, but of course the media isn’t telling you that news. What the media is telling you is that you need to be scared of guns and you need to get them out of your house and away from anyone who isn’t trained. Well I hate to break it to you, but that sure does sound like we are slowly losing our ability to protect ourselves against anything that may cause us harm.

Now the most recent large mass shooting happened in Florida. Around 17 people were killed. So, let’s look at the statistics on where Florida lands on how easy it is for adults and youth to access mental health services. To set a scale in your mind, use #1 as being the easiest access to mental health and #51 being the worst. Florida rakes #24 with adults, which is right in the middle; however, youth ranks a whopping #37. Wasn’t it a youth who shot up the school? And are they talking about his mental instability? The answer to those question is yes. So, my question is, why are we not talking about mental health instead of a change in gun laws? Why is it so hard to get good quality mental health but so easy for us to buy guns? And if you want to check the facts, go ahead and visit mentalhealthamerica.

Do we really think that gun control and infringing on your 2nd amendment rights is something that should even be a discussion? Or should figuring out how to have better access to mental health services here in America be achieved? Don’t you think it is time we all have good quality access to mental health, for ourselves and our children? Let’s start really addressing the issue and start a discussion on why we are hiding the real problem in America: not having easy access to mental health services that we all rightfully deserve.

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Is America Trying to Mask the Real Problem by Using Gun Control?
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