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Introducing "Dear Donald"

Premiering on The Swamp, Vocal's political themed community, "Dear Donald" is expected to generate and further political conversations.

Photo by Jose Moreno

Introducing "Dear Donald", the first collection for The Swamp community. Submit your open letters to Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Love him or hate him, your voice needs to be heard. Vocal is committed to delivering your message. From tweeting to SEO optimization, the Vocal team uses all communication mediums at our disposal to raise your voice, to have your concerns heard and your praises conveyed.

How do I submit to Dear Donald?

Simply create an account at After creating and assembling your post, submit it to The Swamp with “Dear Donald” included in the title. Write as many letters to The Donald as you like!

How do I get paid?

Through Vocal, posts are rewarded based on performance metrics that correlate into financial compensation. With a digital dashboard, you can monitor your post’s (and your wallet’s) success. The more reads your content receives, the more money you make. All transactions are done through the ultra secure Stripe; we never have access to any of your financial information.

Why publish my letter on Vocal?

Vocal helps your content be shared with people who are interested in reading it. The community serves to share and amplify everyone’s content—key for being rewarded for your work. Instead of publishing on a blog, where you have to create your own audience, or a huge general interest site—where your work can get lost—Vocal comes with a built-in audience. Everyone here is already interested in what you have to say.

Read and share the community’s work while they read and share yours.

We look forward to reading your first correspondence with POTUS. Welcome to the Vocal community.

Join the community today!

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Introducing "Dear Donald"
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