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International Interference in American Elections

Does this happen, or is it a ploy?

International interference in domestic elections.

In the media, there are claims that the United States of America is accusing Russia of “tampering” with their (U.S.) election. To a Brit in England, this seems a pointless raising of contention, and makes me consider whether President Trump or his enemies, have an ulterior motive.

How many times has the Central Intelligence Agency of America been named as interfering in the choice of governments in independent nations in South America? And this is ignoring the much held belief that they were instrumental in installing Cherry and Tony Blair as the Prime Minister of Britain. How about the overthrow of Saddam Hussain? That was an interference that is way over the top.

Surely all nations “interfere” in the choice of government in all other nations? It may not be sinister direct attempts to control, but global businesses will obviously try to influence the installing of a government favorable to the trading interests of that business. This may not be in the best interest of the indigenous people, but it is obvious and even natural that a business should seek to protect itself. Even media reporting of the debates and situations that lead up to an election will influence that election. This influence is because the reports are seen by citizens of the nation involved, and this must have some influence. This is the case even when there is strict censorship of “news” in the country. Their citizens, who are overseas, will see the media report and so news of these reports will trickle back to the nation. All things have an influence.

Where does this leave the involvement of foreigners, especially those who, for example, finance campaigns involved in the British referendum to leave the EU, and the subsequent negotiations and debate? These people are not just reporting the debate, they are deliberately financing efforts to influence it.

I expect some will claim that,  since Britain leaving the EU has international repercussions, then everyone and anyone has a right to interfere; but surely the choice of who leads America also has international repercussions. Does this justify any and all attempts to influence those elections?

The EU openly interfered in the British referendum and it is probable that they interfered, in less obvious ways, in elections of pro European members of the English and Scottish parliaments.

Every nation, including those still within the EU, tries to influence the rules that govern all other nations, and they try to make these rules favorable to themselves. This is blindingly obvious to most thinking people but does not seem to have penetrated the British senior bureaucracy, unless they have personal interests in choosing to agree to rules that favor other nations against British interests. The economically stronger nations still in the EU manipulate the Euro currency in ways to support their own strengths, despite these same ways causing damage to the poorer nations within the EU.

Politicians all over the world, and especially in democracies, rely on information being given to them. They will all choose information that agrees with their own preset beliefs and they will all ignore anything they do not agree with.  The bureaucracies and media that supplies the information all adjust the information given to suit their own beliefs and agendas. The initial source of information being fed to the media and bureaucrats is always biased in one direction or the other. In war and politics, the first casualty is truth.

Who supplies the press releases used by TV and newspapers to trigger their “news bulletins and in depth studies?” The answer is: People and organizations. All of these have vested interests. Who supplies information to the bureaucrats who then feed selected parts to the politicians? The security services and big global businesses will supply most of this unofficially. Just look at the money spent on “political lobbyists” in any democracy. Does anyone seriously think these lobby groups and those who pay them are seeking truth and nothing but the truth?

Every nation and every organization tries to influence the actions of every other nation and organization. This is so obvious and so natural it is hard to understand why there is an outcry in America about Russian involvement unless the Americans are trying to distract the American people, from some other issue? Or is it that those opposed to President Trump think it will discredit him? It is not an unknown tactic.

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International Interference in American Elections
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