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In Love with a DACA Kid

Love and romance riddled with anxiety.

I am not here to discuss political views on the current DACA situation. I am not here to share my view on the DACA situation. I am just venting about what it is like to be in love with someone who at any second could be taken away.

I am not a Dreamer. I am lucky enough to be from a family that was born and raised here in the United States. I say lucky now that I have seen the other side first hand of being an immigrant, an illegal one. I say lucky because until three years ago, I complained and took for granted that I was born in America. 

My boyfriend is twenty-seven years old. He has a full-time job. One where he pays taxes, social security and life savings. A legitimate job where everything is documented and not illegal. He has a car and a house and pays his bills on time like most people. He graduated from high school and has never been in trouble with the law. He is a person that is there for family and friends and very non-confrontational. He is a sweetheart to me and my family. We have a puppy! 

He is a very good person, but to many, they do not know what he hides. He is a Dreamer, a DACA kid, an illegal immigrant. He was brought here from Mexico with his parents and brother when he was only two-years-old. He couldn't have comprehended what was going on. He had no idea that his life was changed and it was all out of his control. He was only two, just a baby. 

Before I met him I was oblivious about what it meant to be an illegal immigrant. I had no idea what DACA even stood for. My boyfriend was just like any other boyfriend. A loving and slightly annoying man that took care of me and made me super happy. Then the complicated and hard stuff came up. I don't remember how or when we talked about it but he was straight up with me letting me know that he was illegal. He wanted to be honest with me and I couldn't help but be very happy but confused at the same time. I was under the impression that there was a way for him to become a citizen, I mean he had been living here for over twenty years. How could he be considered illegal when it was not his fault?

I got a crash course about what it meant to be a DACA kid. I instantly was nervous but he assured me that everything would be okay, until the 2016 presidential race was getting closer and closer to November. My boyfriend went from confident to anxious and upset. He could not believe that he was being turned on by his own home. He has never been back to Mexico since the day he left. All his family lives here in the United States and yet he was being faced with being sent back to a foreign place due to circumstances out of his control.

It got to the point where he started to push me away because he was afraid of what would happen, it didn't help that we fell in love fast and hard. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this guy and yet out of no where it could all end.

Social media was blowing up on the topic. There were news channels speaking about the latest deportation bust. ICE was a huge word that bared so much weight on both our shoulders. We had to change vacation plans because just looking like a minority warranted mistreatment and investigation from immigration officers. On Facebook, it would be video after video of parents, brothers and sisters being ripped away from their families on the streets in broad daylight. People were being taken like animals and their children, some of them very young, were left behind. I was so scared myself. Afraid for him to go anywhere without me. Afraid that even if we went out together I would have to face my fears head on and watch them take him away from me. We had heard stories of people being sent back as punishment for weeks, month and even years. Stories about people being deported and killed in Mexico because there is an ideology that all Americans are rich and that they do not belong either. I could not fathom that situation and what hurt most was I couldn't do anything for him. I wished I could take away the anxiety. I wished that I could have done anything and everything to help him feel like he was safe. The most I could do was promise him that no matter what we would make it through this together.

What do you do when you know that no matter what you say it all could be taken away? What do you say when there is that constant fear?

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In Love with a DACA Kid
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