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Immigration Exposed

How Neither the Left nor the Right Ever Want to Change

Trump may have bitten off a little more than he could possibly chew with his idiotic blunder into the illegal immigration minefield. Even though he’s doing nothing more than enforcing laws that are already on the books, which have been upheld by Democrat and Republican presidents, the media’s vitriol for Trump has finally brought attention to these terrible circumstances. Disingenuously, however, this is all being blamed on him.

Like it or not, the detention centers, or “basically summer camps,” as Fox News patronizingly called them, weren’t started by Trump. The US government has set up detention camps for all kinds of reasons for decades now (FEMA Camps, Black Sites, etc.), another item that nobody has seemed to care about...nevermind the REASONING behind the establishment of government internment camps. So, let’s not buy the mainstream media’s line of garbage about this being Trump’s doing and put our big boy pants on.

According to the 400+ creatures that roost in Capital Hill, the reason for the camps are simple; we don’t know if the adult traveling with any minor is actually a family member, so they’ll be split up. Coyotes, drug mules, human traffickers, et al, have been caught masquerading as guardians for minors that are crossing the border in order to get into the country. This sort of makes sense, but what happens after they’re separated. Reunification? Amnesty? Visas? That’s anyone’s guess.

The real reason that this process was started for by Obama? The same damn reason that Trump kept it up: deterrence. The difference between Obama and Trump, though, is the former would catch and release to various foster families, while the latter detains and is attempting to ship them back. Immigration lawyer Andrew Free confronted Obama in 2015 about this practice. Obama’s apparently irritable response? “I’ll tell you what we can’t have. It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.”

As always, we have the fringe agendas that really come through via these situations. In this case, undoubtedly, the United States will start requiring everyone to have biometric data on file with the US government, of course to ‘save the children’ from child trafficking. The banks are already starting roll this out via their new credit cards reading your finger print instead of a chip and four pin code...

Then we have the dark underbelly to all of this: human/child trafficking. Under Obama and Trump, supposedly upwards of 60 percent of children are ‘lost’ once in foster care or an orphanage. Sixty percent! These children are clearly being sold off and used for the sex trade or the occult. Recently, a border patrol agent in charge of taking kids to these detention centers was found with disgusting photos of children performing sex acts. What’s worse? There is now a law suit claiming the US government took a page out of the Soviet Union playbook and has been injecting these kids and adults with drugs that make them sedatives and drugs that make you lose your memory. You can only imagine why. Disgusting.

Globally, we have the same situation occurring across the West. Waves of migrants have washed upon the shores of Europe and shifted throughout the EU. It’s a mess. Towns have been taken over, women have been raped, and no-go zones for Caucasians are enforced. This is now shifting and countries are saying, you don’t have to go home, but you don’t have to stay here. You’re witnessing the destruction of the nation and the rise of borderless regions administered by unelected ‘representatives’ put into power by the faceless monied elite; hello Brussels.

The larger question is why? Why do the elite want waves and waves of people to leave the Southern Hemisphere. Why the population shift? What is going to happen in either the Northern or Southern Hemispheres that these people are being made to move and the West is being forced to accept? My guess? We’re witnessing a global polar shift that will see the rearranging of entire continents and oceans and the aftermath will require manpower to rebuild. Manpower that is already used to harsh conditions from the Third World.

We are on the cusp of monumental change. Change that is going to alter the life of every being on this planet.

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Immigration Exposed
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