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If You Are Not Multi-Lingual, Shut Your Mouth

You Shut Your Mouth

Picking on bilingual people for speaking their own language is racist and silly. Hey evil racists, se habla español jerks, and I’m fluent from high school Spanish, my easy A. You see, you people thrive on hating minorities. Native Americans are also bullied for speaking their language in public since they are truly the ones who were here first when the United States was a mere colony. Don’t shame bilingual people into speaking in English, losers. You do not speak another language, at all, period. So who is ignorant and who is not?

So you get on somebody’s case to tell them to quit speaking in Spanish and you go on racist tirades against those who do? You have a history of doing this since most bullies continue their M.O. from many years of having a repertoire of bullying people doing the same thing every time they bully. I will not be told to quit using Spanish but I am chickening out and reading Don Quixote in English this time around. It is a huge book. It may take me the whole summer. I’m busy looking for jobs that can fit my writing schedule. Not that I’ve had much success in this.

I picked up on Spanish from hearing it at home, learning its phonics, and in general working on using it with my family because of multiple trips to Spain, as well as one trip to Chile. Spanish is easy for me but not easy for monolinguals who are too lazy about learning another language. People who come to the United States that want to take an ESL class are bothering to learn American English but too many people stay in their ethnic group to be cliquish, causing them to maintain their ethnic homogeny rather than mixing with people different from them.

When I do see people mixing, I enjoy watching them mix. I have fun knowing that they are able to talk to each other using English. Don’t be so hard on the new people. The new people don’t know enough English unless you are like my family, who moved to another English speaking country in the Southern hemisphere to learn it firsthand. Speaking English is a hard task for many people, such as Chinese people who immigrate to the United States. Most people come here for the freedom of speech, as China is a heavily controlled dictatorship.

Although many Europeans don’t bother since health care is cheap to free in Europe where the countries are smaller. I mean, people ask why the United States is open to immigration, and the thing is, that’s because we have many opportunities to make money. In other countries, this is more astringent. In other countries, it is conform to the rules, or be ostracized. Forget stereotypes and look at the person as an individual. Immigration is not so much a curse to our population control attempts. You see, many people believe stereotypes and say horribly racist things.

Control your racism before you judge immigrants. Sure, they have problems assimilating. Our healthcare does rank amongst worse in the world and yet, immigrants keep coming. Illegal immigration is iffy at best but many people work hard to make their status legal. Legal immigration does exist all the time. Deporting people doesn’t solve the problem since more will come because we have “democracy” and freedom of religion. Other countries work differently, that is a fact that anybody visiting another country whether as a tourist or as a businessperson, needs to respect the culture of the place they are visiting. There is such thing as the ugly American phenomenon when people travel, and they go to places being loud and obnoxious. 

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If You Are Not Multi-Lingual, Shut Your Mouth
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