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Hugs Not Walls

Why Love Is Always the Answer

Meeting at the Border Wall

Walls are not who we are as a country. We can discuss all the benefits someone might claim a wall can bring, but in all truth, a wall is hardly enough to stop the immigration problem in the United States of America.

In December of 2018, Donald Trump enacted a government shutdown leaving several hundreds of thousands of government workers out of paychecks because he wanted money approved by the Democratic Party for a wall.

The wall is nothing more than a political bargain. What makes the wall story pathetic is the origin of its discussion, when Donald Trump claimed the country of Mexico would pay for the wall. Of course, no one fell for this, and Mexico clearly refused to pay for the wall.

Donald Trump loves to take credit for things he is not responsible for that Obama took care of while he was in office. There’s an important part of being a president, and that is being transparent and open to the public eye. He tried to make himself look better and it is not working for me. Is it working for you?

Trump is not the best business man.

Donald Trump is well known for the empire of a business he has built off of 1 million dollars his father gave him. I would just like to note, if I gave someone a million dollars, I don’t think it’d be very hard to invest it and I know there are people who of course would spend that money very fast, but if anyone with the desire to make more money got a hold of this kind of money, I promise you they could make as much as Trump too.

Donald Trump could not pull off his border wall deal with Mexico. Not only did he not do that, he had to throw a fit to try and get a deal out of Democrats for the wall and risk American’s lives to keep his presidency.

Now some conservatives are calling him a wimp for not pulling off the wall with Democrats, when they should be focused on the fact that their “King” has not pulled off his campaign promise.

I dream of the day we can drop the border debate and greet immigrants with hugs and not walls. 

Immigrants are not evil.

American citizens tend to assert the malicious intentions they believe immigrants possess in order to deny them entrance to the United States. The truth is, there is a smaller number of people in gangs and cartels coming in than those who would just like to seek asylum.

Immigration is an important part of any country—that’s what the main focus here is. We can’t just claim people are evil or not as human as we are for coming here and wanting to stay. There has even been some negative reports coming in on the detainment of rapper 21 Savage. I do not agree with people coming here illegally and not trying to become citizens, but I do agree with people coming here and trying to make a better life for themselves.

What we tend to see in this country is this build-up between them and us. People from all sides of the spectrum love to make assumptions that these human beings are evil and unworthy of coming into our country. But once we can look at each other on a loving level, and not a, “What country are you from,” level, we will truly understand each other as human beings and not just immigrants.

I think we should greet all people at the border with hug and not guns or batons. I suggest we start a movement of love and not hate as we have seen elected into the White House. The current president is not empathetic and he makes himself look bad over and over again. I am sick of walls, and I’d love to see more hugs.