How to See the Bigger Picture of Trump's Role

Skipping the drama, this is a different perspective of what the American President could really mean to humanity.

I know that these days, it is the norm to see post after post showing Donald Trump saying something completely ridiculous or being mocked/hated by someone; however, from the perspective of a non-American’s point of view (my humble one), I’m going to play devil’s advocate just this time  —and no, I don’t think he should be President at all, in fact I don’t think he should be in any management role ever, at least not if he is in charge of people.

If you think about it, only after he became President is when we realised how bad things really were. Until then, many social issues had been overlooked because for some strange reason, we were living under the impression that all Americans were free and happy living in the best country of the world (well, at least this is how they advertised themselves to the rest of the world and we sure believed them).

In the meantime the objectification of women in fashion, media and everywhere really was considered OK, even stylish. Police targeting and killing black people at disproportionate rate was happening, but it didn’t make the news too often. We also witnessed high rates of gender inequality but nobody seemed to care much, let alone make noise about it until guess what — Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has shaken up the whole of America, as while in the past Newscasters seemed to be more interested in talking about glamorous things than to give accurate news, now it looks like they take the truth more seriously and act with more integrity; we are finally seeing women speaking up and standing for themselves, and realising that until now they have been brainwashed in being the second class gender, the ones that are not meant to lead but instead should remain in the background waiting to be rescued (otherwise just watch the classical Disney movies or any other movies really), and thanks to Trump (and now Wonder Woman), if someone makes a sexist comment in social media or television, this person won’t get away with it easily anymore.

My theory is that if Hillary Clinton had been elected instead, the world would still be blind to all injustice now and from the past; the reason being is that based on her persona, people might feel that she could be a President with integrity whose principles are based on the citizen’s best interest; Consequently, this would have made people feel at ease, resulting in them trusting, relaxing and eventually keep having their filters off, I mean asleep.

In the other hand what Trump’s win might have brought (and excuse my French), is a BIG ARSE WAKE-UP CALL for all of us. It is a reflection of how far away we have been gone from our truth, and how used to we became to feel hopeless, constantly giving our power away. This behaviour also gets reflected in the rest of the continents, for allowing one single country to dominate the whole world, and ironically now one single President with apparent little idea of what he is doing.

But why is this happening now? My take is that, in the past, the abuse was subtle, like when someone makes a hurtful comment but ends up saying that it was just a joke, so they can get away with it. I find that this is how things were because everyone was using the politically correct facade, so it was hard to spot; And now that for the first time we have a president who tells you what he really thinks in your face, is when we realised what we have been dealing all along.

So is it possible that as hated as he is, this man could actually be a blessing in disguise? A reminder for all of us to start putting politicians under scrutiny regardless of how charismatic they might seem and what they promise; a reminder that they have a job because WE, the people, have given it to them and that every time they turn a blind eye to injustice we should make them accountable, and let them know that unlike in the past, they will now face all the consequences.

I believe that one of the lessons to take from all this is for citizens to finally stop taking for granted that the government, media, pharma industries and big food corporations have our best interest, or even feel the need to tell us the truth.

We have to start asking questions and stop getting involved in the media drama circus that is being directly financed by those same big corporations, whose main purpose is to divide people (by race, gender, patriotism, etc.), in order for us to feel insecure, powerless and alone. Why? Because it is easy to control masses in that state of mind, and also to make us believe that foreign countries are inferior or the enemy, so citizens don’t bother to compare their medical system with for example the free health care that most Europeans enjoy, and because it is easy to justify wars that way.

My suggestion? Instead of letting ourselves being distracted by the fear and drama, let’s take the wheel to realise how powerful we truly are when we work together and we care; and why not take this opportunity to review the obsolete cultural beliefs, abuse and practises from the past that don’t work nowadays anymore, and erase them.

As Louise Hay once said, “Honey, you need to see the dirt in order to clean the house.” So now that Donald Trump has shown America and the rest of the world the dirt, let’s just do as she says, shall we?

Grace Evelyn
Grace Evelyn

I came to the conclusion that this is my life purpose.. To get inspired and inspire others finding my joy and wisdom and sharing them with the world, as that is how I as an Artist contribute to the greater good.

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How to See the Bigger Picture of Trump's Role