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How to Establish a Health Care Rights Protest

We need to get moving on this.

Health care is a hot topic in this time period. We have to start mobilizing health care protests. As in, we do not want them to put in the pre-existing condition clause again, which is flat out denying people coverage if they have so much as a yeast infection. The state of healthcare in the United States is appalling. I’m lucky I live in California. I have fabulous doctors whose orders I follow well. I’ve been alive for 37 years and out of the hospital since 1991.

This floored somebody from my insurance whom I was speaking to. As in, I haven’t even been to the psych ward. I have managed to stay out of the hospital exactly 27 years. I don’t have my advanced degrees yet, and this fact is driving me crazy, but someday I will get them against all the odds. Like I said, I want to start a scholarship fund for people who have the gene that causes pediatric schizophrenia as well as a heart condition. My heart condition has totally gone away though. I don’t know exact details, but I know I was born with something but it healed and is long gone.

Health care rights need to be something the 98 percent is protesting about. We need to make our voices heard. We need to say it loud: we will no longer tolerate stigma because we have a disability. This is why I have a “No stigma” t-shirt idea. In addition, I want my t-shirts to be made in the USA, if that is even possible. For those of us who are feeling well enough to march, we should declare one day this year a health care protest day, whether we march on Washington or anywhere else.

Anti-45 protests are all the rage now, so I was wondering if we can start health care and stigma protests as well. We have the civil right to protest, so let’s exercise this right. We need to make sure we have single-payer health care someday. So get out and vote in the midterm elections. Kick some out of office, while voting others in. Make sure that we eventually get towards justice. Make America fair again. Make America just again. I’m going to be running for district ten someday and I have to make it out to the city hall for this so I can meet people at city council chambers.

There are many things I want to do this year, so I’m going to do them. Volunteering my time is one of them. I want to work at a soup kitchen perhaps. I need to add stuff to my resume to prove that I can do something other than work from home. We need to protest to stop the government from erasing the progress that was made during the Obama administration. They will do everything in their power to reset things, and it is up to us to protest. The revolution begins. We need to do this. Who is with me? Let’s make plans. The protests, however, must be non-violent. We can’t get ourselves into trouble since you rarely get meds while in jail. Bail is expensive. This is why we have to find a way to blog, write, and legislate health care rights into being. It will take years, but we will make progress eventually. I’m asking people to join me in this battle, if only because we need to prove to ourselves that we can win. The fight continues, and we need to do something about the current legislation on health care initiatives. 

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How to Establish a Health Care Rights Protest
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