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High Level Deception

So, this is Christmas.

It is Christmas time once again and all through-out the land so many people are now filing unemployment claims. So much for good fellowship and joy this holiday season. The cries of thousands continue to fall on deaf ears of those CEO's and an administration that cares not that there will be no joy or revelry this holiday season for all those laid off workers. You can bet though that the 1 percent will continue to reap their financial rewards.

Year in and year out it seems to be that this time of year continues to bring out the "Scrooge" mentality of many CEO's and too many in government. The message that Charles Dickens was trying to convey in A Christmas Carol never seem to resonate in individuals that really could make humanity that much better off. From the corporate world to the Trump administration they have turned their backs on the working class of the American public. The greatest con in American history by one Donald Trump on the American public has now been realized by the actions of General Motors. It can be arguably said that the actions and rhetoric of President Trump has only hastened America's departure as the leader of the free world.

Now, as the United States sinks lower into the cesspool of third word countries one really has to wonder what 2019 will bring. Concerning questions need to be asked with answers forthcoming if the US can reverse its trajectory and regain the stature we once had. But, in order to do just that we have to retrace our own history. Someone once said that government does what it wants to because it can. We have to always remember it is the American public to hold the government accountable in the actions they take. Our failure to do so has let our own government strip away our liberties and our inherent rights. Until we recognize and realize what has happened to we, the people no matter who is elected the erosion of our birthrights will only continue.

It was just recently that some have begun to realize just what our government has done to the majority of the American public. For far too long and for too many, no matter what we do, there always seems to be road blocks in the way in trying to have a better quality of life. In retracing official government records dating back to right after the Civil War there is a series of legislation that the public was totally unaware of and didn't realize the consequences of what our own government did in the legislation that was passed. One such piece of legislation specifically the Act of 1871 has done more harm to the people of the United States and continues to have a direct bearing on everything we do today.

Ever since the Act of 1871 was passed which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. A corporation owned by international bankers. The consequences of this one move by congress—in that they had to change the original Constitution—and in changing the name of the original Constitution by changing the format of "The Constitution for the United States to now "THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES" has had devastating effects on every American. To this day so many do not understand that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS difference in any "legal' document does make a critical difference.

We have to remember that America was in financial dire straits right after the Civil War and in order to keep this country solvent the only way the US could get loans was by passing the Act of 1871 which provided a government for the District of Columbia. All this was done without Constitutional authority. It can be arguably said that an act of treason was committed by congress and President Grant when the Act of 1871 was signed. But, the damage was done, the US got their loans and the people of the United States were and still are being deceived by our very own government. A government now in the hands of international bankers.

It is also interesting to note that by 1900 JP Morgan had direct influence in the shaping of monetary policy in regards to forming a coalition of international bankers, to form the Federal Reserve, conceived in utmost secrecy at Jekyll Island. By 1913 President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act. This act only opened up more opportunity for the now corporate government to further deceive the American public. By 1933 President Roosevelt issued one of the most notorious executive orders that started another chain of events that has led this nation down a very slippery slope. This executive order required all citizens to relinquish all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates to the Federal Reserve. In reality executive orders only has jurisdiction on officers or employees of the Federal Government and not the general public. President Roosevelt was not authorized to issue an executive order demanding the public to turn in their gold. Again, another act of treason by government and a President.

When congress passed House Joint Resolution 192 {HJR-192} the Gold Standard for backing our currency was suspended. Essentially, what this did was it eliminated our ability to pay our debts only allowing for their discharge. To understand what is happening ever since HJR-192 was passed, when we use any commercial paper such as checks, drafts, warrants, and federal reserve notes and accept it as money we simply pass the unpaid debt attached to the paper on to others by way of our purchases and transactions. This unpaid debt under public policy now carries a public liability for its collection. In other words all debt is now public.

In order to provide necessary goods and services the US government created a commercial bond, a promissory note, by pledging the property, labor, life and body of its citizens as payment for the debt. What we have to understand is that this commercial bond from 1933 made every man, women and child considered property of the corporate state. We have become nothing more than human resources and collateral for the debt. Deceptive in every way. This was done and still being done by registering our birth certificates.

We still have to realize that the United States is a District of Columbia corporation and what our government continues to do is that they take certified copies of all our birth certificates and place them in the United States Department of Commerce as registered securities. These securities each of which carries over $1 million dollars in value. It is these securities that are circulated around the world as collateral for loans, and entries on the asset side of ledgers. All this is being done without our, the American publics, authorization. In essence we, the people have now been deceived by our very own government in the name of financial gain for the Corporate State of The United States.

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High Level Deception
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