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Have the Far Left Taken Over Green Movement?

Has socialism gained control of environment protests?

Have extreme socialists taken over the “green” agenda?

It is a historical norm for genuine public concerns and popular causes, to be taken over by political activists and usually by extremes of political view points. They then try to use the popularity of a cause to subvert democracy and gain both power and influence while hiding behind a genuine concern.

The press reports indicate a group calling itself “reclaim the power” chants “revolution” and “no boarders, no nations” as it protests about a potential new gas powered electrical generation facility. These slogans reveal an agenda that has nothing at all to do with environmental concerns or genuine climate change worries. They are recruiting people who have concerns over these matters and using the numbers of protestors to further far left political aims.

It does seem the whole climate change issue has now been turned into a vehicle for left wing ascendency. By using the fear and doubt, that the issue has created in the minds of liberals and moderates, the far left has been able to turn the issue into a world wide subversive force to gain power without democratically proven majority support. The real issue, of what to do about climate change, has been submerged by demands that socialist style control, over everyone's day to day lives, is established. By making the moderates feel guilty, the activists have been able to turn the minds from rational and sensible consideration, into demands for actions that purport to actually stop the inevitable. If the liberals and moderates actually stop to think, they would realise that many of the proposed controlling mechanisms, are almost communist in their demands for control over peoples lives. By constantly forcing the issues without even attempting evidential explanation, the activist are preventing such rational thought. If they relied on sensible arguments and persuasion, the middle ground thinking people would not allow their extreme political views to become synonymous with the environmental issues.

Every person, who has any concern for future generations, should consider the damage human activity does to wild life diversity, localised environments and the future of planet earth. Pollution, defined as anything which leaves your property without real usefulness, should be a consideration and every effort made to reduce it. This does not mean we have to impoverish every family in the land, it does not mean we have to give total control to some socialist bureaucratic vision of utopia; where all people are robotic slaves to the state. We do not have to welcome in George Orwell's “brave new world,” to show concerns for the future. We do not have to subjugate individual enterprise and creativity to some morass of mindless people, all controlled by an all pervasive and all controlling state bureaucracy.

National identities are still evolving, evolution is the natural force of change throughout every aspect of life on earth. The political activists, those who wish to impose a world government with no nationalities and no national boarders, do not want evolution to slowly and certainly arrive at better humans; they want to impose their own views on everyone else. They do not want a world with no national boarders unless they are the ones who govern. They oppose globalisation of industry and commerce and in many ways they are right to oppose the governance by corporate profit motive; but they can not claim they want no boarders, then complain when businesses act as if there are no boarders. They are not honest about what they want and this is why they hide in the environmental concerns. It is why the far left is taking over climate and environmental protests. To them it is a means of avoiding democracy and gaining control over all the people. They want control of the people more than they want control over the environment. They use deceit and lies at every stage of every argument and the sooner the liberal middle ground becomes aware of this the better.

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Have the Far Left Taken Over Green Movement?
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