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Hashtag Un-Friendly


I've come to terms with my life where I am not going to be part of what "socializing" has become unless it's socially revolutionizing our society for the better; but instead, it's all about ridiculous things or challenges trending. Not going to lie you, I've been part of the problem, but once I noticed that people are slaves to their social media pages or just living in their own social fantasies, we don't really revolve anything unless we put action into those hashtags. You get me?

I am pro-social revolutions, like the ones that are surrounded by the well-being of myself and my acquaintances, such as as equal pay, pro-gun control, free healthcare, and equality in general, but when it comes to action... Only few make the difference other than sharing the same hashtags all over their web pages. How about instead of just sharing viral trends we start making action happen, fight for the right reasons, the right way? History has taught us that the only way to fight evil is by fighting it with masses, with volume, volumes that can make them learn that the power of the people is stronger than anything else, that our voices can't be silenced with their greed.

There have been so many movements and hashtags behind them, from B.L.M. to March for Our Lives, and it's great to see people who support this online but are too afraid to hit the streets and protest. I, for an example, feel that I am too afraid of joining, but I believe that makes me part of the problem, and the worst thing is that I acknowledge it; but I do think I can make the difference when I write and express myself about these social injustices that our government and privileged people are doing to minorities and the ones that have the least fault on these situations. From a President that enjoys ridiculing everyone, to racist movements that never end well, to blaming mental issues to some while others are being killed for the same, families, men and women dying on a war built by rich people. So many things that no one that will be affected by wants to talk about; instead they'd rather shame and hurt those who fight for the right things, from the guy who kneels to the national anthem because of social injustices to the young teenagers who have to fight for their lives and scream for gun control. Do you see what really is going on in our country? It's all surrounded in  by one thing: revolution. These things have all been circled by social media and their hashtags, but when people join the streets, real things happen and the revolution begins.

Think about the great actions that caused changes in this country; some thing were thought to be faked, acted, and others happened for national lessons, law changes. But haven't we noticed how some stories are being repeated? Apparently people don't want to learn their lessons in history, yet they still want to repeat the errors from the past. These oppressive movements, these repeated racist or sexists actions, lead to the same thing: social movements that speak louder than posting them online. Sure, we want to make our voices heard, we want to sign petitions that promise us changes, but what has happened with them? They tend to be ignored and yet those who hurt them sometimes—they get the prize, the grand reward that those who fight to stop them don't. At this moment, we have a younger generation that is walking down the streets, screaming and making themselves heard in order to have safety in a place we would think would be safe: a school. We have a GOP that prefers taking money from outside the government and protecting countries that are definitively against what this great nation was built for. We might dislike the disturbing facts about how this country was built, but it had brought and built a democracy that we ensure to fight everyday until it is fixed, and brought us to respect one another beyond what we see and know. 

So, at the end of the day, sure you can prove your point using your tags, but how about being in the action? Remember, if Rosa Parks didn't sit on that chair or Martin Luther King Jr didn't march wouldn't we have abolished segregation and other important historical figures didn't did put their piece of sand down in history, we wouldn't have what our democracy has been built for. Instead of just posting stuff online, how about we make the difference, like writing a blog so people become aware, join a march or a social movement that helps not just us but those who need it the most. Our country was built by immigrants, natives, and a variety of backgrounds and cultures; we shouldn't let just a small group of people destroy what's left of our country's integrity. That, my fellow reader, is the main focus on democracy: The people should have the voice and must be heard and taken care of, not stepped on.

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Hashtag Un-Friendly
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