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Gun Control

The Debate

Gun Mechanism

Attaining a weapon in the United States is very convenient for many Americans. Weapons are so accessible that it leads to many issues, such as gun control. It becomes a severe matter when individuals abuse their ability of being in possession of one. But, what can we do to solve this divisive issue?

Our country is very problematic when it comes to the use of firearms. We suffer with fatalities from mass shootings, suicides, accidents, and police interventions. In many of these cases, the situation could’ve been prevented or have been resolved without using deadly force. The safety of Americans is at stake when we allow those that are not suitable to be in possession of a gun to acquire one. The United States should impose stricter regulations on guns since it would refrain those that are a danger to society from obtaining firearms, and keep those that are responsible enough to use them from being made the enemy.

In the wake of various events, many Americans are starting to support the need for better gun laws. It has been an eye opener for many that we need to reevaluate our decisions and laws on weapon control. Overall, there are approximately 20,000 of those laws in effect today. These laws don’t deter the initiative to harm individuals and don’t help much in the illegal sale or possession of firearms. There are many tactics we could employ to deal with this controversial issue, but banning guns isn’t one of them. It’s nearly impossible to prevent anyone from committing murder, but there are different strategies to lessen the casualties. “Modest firearm restrictions and encouraging private entities to set up their own line of defense, would be valuable to comprise, along with other laws/restrictions.” Considering whether the possession of guns poses more harm than help is a very controversial topic. Examining both sides of the issue is important to create a solution that would be very beneficial to our nation.

Eliminating the number of weapons owned by those in private hands would reduce the deaths per year and prevent further tragedies from occurring. Weapons in private hands are sometimes received by those that are an immediate threat to the public. Thwarting the problem is impossible, but having guns in private hands is an issue to be dealt with. Just as with any issue, there is always a better solution. To deter the problem, restrictions need to be placed upon the possession of firearms. This idea doesn't compromise the Second Amendment, rights, or undermine those that use weapons responsibly. Unlike the proposed idea of banning weapons in private hands, the Second Amendment is preventing this from happening.

Accessibility to firearms is very convenient in our country. The abuse of weapons is an endless problem that is only getting worse. Proposing an idea that would save lives and prevent tragedies is a necessity we are in dire need of. As a nation, we are having trouble discussing and agreeing on solutions to the toughest issues. But the fact of the matter is, we have a serious gun control problem. Compared to other countries, we surpass the number of deaths by guns each year. Our policies are unsuccessful and it's time to make a change. If you are willing to use a firearm, consider the costs of that right. Citizens would still be able to acquire a firearm with more restrictions, and less destruction.

Although firearms protect us from harmful circumstances, we need to consider the consequences of using one and how to resolve such an issue without compromising rights.

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Gun Control
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