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God Bless America, Right?


The world I live in is scary. The country I live in is dehumanizing. This society, as a whole, is fucked up. We’ve become so uncivilized, detached from basic core values, overly sensitive in meaningless topics while being desensitized to more important issues, and unresponsive to violence and discrimination. Guns are protected more than our children. Parents shouldn’t fear sending their children to school in fear of never seeing their children ever again. They should know, without a doubt, their children will return home safely. Students should feel safe going to school, elementary to college, they should feel safe while getting a good education. Teachers should feel safe in their own classrooms. Nobody feels safe. Not at school, work, airports, the mall, the movie theater, walking the street, or even in their own home. What started as a handful of Americans being paranoid about fighting a theoretical future fascist government has since turned everybody paranoid. 

Society has an extremely bad habit of going from one extreme to the next. There is never a middle ground or a happy medium. For god’s sake, two people in Washington D.C. with different views can’t sit in a room, talk, and come to a mutual agreement. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the US government and the American people are a prime example. If people in Washington can’t put their personal views aside and come to an agreement as to what is best for the country how do you expect Joe and Jill from yeehaw country to agree? 

 Everybody says that change needs to happen, but their actions say otherwise. It isn’t until it’s personal that they use that tragedy as a catalyst for change. How personal does it have to get for there to actually be change? Who in your life has to die from gun violence before you support gun control? If the amount of people that say change needs to happen had actions that said that also, change would’ve happened yesterday. 

Everybody can say change, but nobody is about change. To the rest of the world, the United States is a joke. How can you not laugh at a government that acts like teenagers? Nobody in the capital is concerned about the American people, they are only concerned with getting re-elected. The second amendment was ratified in 1791. Yes, you read that correctly. The world that was 1791 and the world that is 2018 are very different. There might be comparisons thanks to who we elected president, but the reasonings behind the Bill of Rights has expired. 

Times have changed and the laws need to change along with it. Isn’t it strange how mental illness hardly massacres anyone in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom? Every country on Earth has a mental health issue, a drug issue, and a poverty issue. So, none of those can be used to explain American gun violence. The fact of the matter is the United States government is not doing their job. 

Why do conservatives seem to believe that outlawing guns won’t prevent gun violence, but outlawing abortion will prevent abortion? I don’t know whether the US government is waiting for another mass shooting or for the old as dirt, homophobic, close minded shits to die off before they reform gun laws. Reforming gun laws should’ve happened years ago, but look at where we are. We are a divided country. A country that needed change yesterday, but also needs healing. You can’t heal when you’re angry and scared. You have to heal from within and how can you do that when you’re afraid any day could be your last? God bless America, right? 

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God Bless America, Right?
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