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From A Leftie: Why Donald Trump Isn't Such a Bad Idea After-all

Billions and Billions...

The man in question.

Oh Donald - you reptilian pussy grabbing money hungry monster. Why are you in our lives? Why do I have to watch your stupid hand gestures and hear your annoying voice on a daily basis? Here is a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who is notoriously bad at business (check out Trump Taj Mahal) and who is pretty much a scam (check out Trump university). On top of this, he is also supporting pedophile Roy Moore and is accused of being a pedophile himself. He's also accused of rape, sexual harassment and it's hard not to think he's a racist. Lastly, he doesn't believe in climate change and presumably can't read (check out youtube). I think we've all asked ourselves how did this guy become president of the United States? I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the capitalist, celebrity, egotistical, social media, fake society we live in but this is a whole other topic. A topic which can't be explored in such a short amount of time. I am here to tell you why Donald Trump as president of the United States is good news for all of us, even the United States.

Have you ever heard the expression "After the rain comes the sun", Donald is the rain! He is a representation of everything that is wrong with our world. He "tells it like it is" and we can all see it now. His lies are so blatant (most of us) can see through the BS. This is impossible with powerful people like Obama, Clinton, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg. These guys are professional liars/manipulators, they know what to say and what not to say. Trump doesn't have the mental capacity to actually get away with the stupid ideas he has. Trump is just out there on a daily basis showing us what's wrong with society. Showing us what happens when you live in a system where money can buy you power.

We need a guy as despicable as Donald Trump to run one of the most powerful countries in the western world as it will finally make people across the world realize there is something very wrong with the fundamentals of our society. If it had been Hilary Clinton running the country right now, she wouldn't be making such a fool of herself. She would be smart enough like Obama or Cameron to only show the good things she does and keep doing all the dark messed up stuff behind closed doors. With Trump, he can try and hide it as much as he wants but the population is way more skeptical, everyone is watching. The youth is now more involved than ever in politics and have a blueprint of what type of leader they definitely do not want. This is why Trump is a good thing, although things appear really bad at the moment - people are waking up, movements are forming and we are on the right path to never let someone like him access this type of power again. We might have to put up with him for another two years but after this, it will become a lesson learned and if we the people do nothing to change how society is then we will only have ourselves to blame. 

Essentially we need people like Trump to remind us of what is wrong with the world and show us the true colours of the rich and powerful. Without people like him, people would stay passive and live in a dream world of reality tv, consumerism, and fake viral content. At least now we have a chance to not let history repeat itself.

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From A Leftie: Why Donald Trump Isn't Such a Bad Idea After-all
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